The launch of the Lexus LC luxury coupe has a wider significance than being an exciting and technologically advanced addition to Lexus’ global model range. The visual impact of its emotional design and its exhilarating performance are manifestations of a radical shift in the Lexus brand that has been developing during the past few years.

In automotive terms, Lexus is still a young brand, just 28 years old, but even in that short time the perceptions of what luxury means have changed. Back in 1989 people would choose a prestige car as a status symbol. Today the concept of luxury has evolved into a mindset that values quality and exclusivity not just in things, but in experiences and social interactions.

One of the qualities that has distinguished Lexus ever since it entered the highly competitive luxury car market is our commitment to delivering highest standards of customer service. Our philosophy is based on Omotenashi, interpreting and developing the best traditions of Japanese hospitality I n treating customers as you would guests in your home and anticipating their every need and preference. The result is an exceptional, personalised experience and an approach to business that has earned Lexus multiple awards for customer satisfaction worldwide.

Such is the solid foundation on which Lexus is now taking its work beyond automotive into new arenas where it can nurture and inspire innovation, creativity and craftsmanship. For example, in the world of international design we have been a leading contributor to Milan Design Week since 2005. W e also host an annual competition for up-and-coming talent and present specially commissioned works that capture key themes from our own design philosophy.

Lexus is supporting film-makers, too. Working with leading international producers such as The Weinstein Company we provide a showcase for new talents in the Lexus Short Films series, established in 2013. We are also bringing our design vision to the big screen. Collaborating with the EuropaCorp studios and acclaimed director Luc Besson, Lexus has helped create a futuristic pursuit aircraft – the SKYJET – for the science fiction blockbuster Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

A focus on imaginative technology has brought numerous world-first features and capabilities to Lexus cars. This drive for technical innovation has spread further to embrace exciting new challenges commanding wider public attention and acclaim. For instance, Lexus succeeded in building a fully functioning hoverboard. And, earlier this year, we unveiled the sleek and powerful Lexus Sport Yacht Concept, applying our technology and design skills for the first time to the world of marine high-performance.

Lexus’ vision is not confined to creating great cars like the new LC. Our ambition is to build an exciting global lifestyle brand with a much wider outlook, an approach captured by our new brand tagline, “Experience Amazing”.

In this way, Lexus is defining its own territory in the premium market, going beyond the purely numerical understanding of what a luxury car should be. The result is a holistic brand experience that is supported by a passion for design, craftsmanship, quality, technology and an unparalleled customer experience – qualities that are perfectly showcased in the new LC luxury coupe.



  • An all-new luxury GT with a dynamic design and evocative, fluid lines.
  • The first model in its segment to be offered with 21-inch wheels.
  • A driver-focused cabin providing both luxury and a sporting feel with a low-set driving position, helping create an ideal connection between driver and car.


  • Lexus’ all-new, ultra-rigid GA-L platform, allowing to improve inertia specifications by moving all the critical weight to the car’scentre and offering a lower centre of gravity and a more sporty driving position.
  • A highly rigid and lightweight body.
  • New multi-link front and rear suspension systems secure precise handling characteristics.


  • LC 500h equipped with a 3.5-litre naturally aspirated V6 engine and Lexus’ all-new Multi Stage Hybrid System, delivering excellent efficiency and the most engaging hybrid driving experience yet.
  • LC 500 equipped with a 5.0-litre naturally aspirated V8 petrol engine and a new direct shift 10-speed automatic transmission – a world first for a premium passenger car.


Developed and produced by highly-skilled, high-precision Lexus Takumi workers using their knowledge from the LFA supercar development and utilising high-quality materials.


Comprehensive Lexus Safety System + fitted as standard to ensure the highest active safety standards.


  • 13-speaker Mark Levinson Reference Product audio system or
  • 12-speaker Pioneer premium audio surround system.



The LC is a new flagship 2+2 luxury coupe for Lexus’ global model range, not only showcasing the qualities of design, engineering and advanced technology that define us as a premium vehicle manufacturer, but also symbolising our ambition as a luxury lifestyle brand.

This isn’t simply a car that looks good. It has been engineered in every dimension to deliver unique driving experience. “Even sharper and more refined” were the constant watchwords as Lexus honed every aspect of the LC’s performance, ride and handling.

The LC is a contemporary interpretation of the finest traditions of the grand tourer, a coupe focused on the road, not the track. Its handling, responsiveness and comfort have been tuned on some of the world’s great driving roads, to deliver a rewarding and hugely enjoyable experience.

The quality is equally high in both versions of the car that are being brought to the marketplace, the LC 500h and the LC 500 – two models that offer unique propositions for customers.

The LC 500h marks a revolution I n the development of hybrid technology being the first model to benefit from Lexus’ Multi Stage Hybrid System. Adding a multi-stage shift device to the 3.5-litre V6 hybrid powertrain helps transform the driving experience, witnessed in greater torque, more usable power across a wider range of engine speeds, and rhythmic, linear acceleration that gives the driver the sensation of working with a 10-speed automatic gearbox.

Moreover, these qualities are delivered with all the smoothness and efficiency for which Lexus Hybrid Drive is renowned, together with improved environmental performance.

The LC 500 is powered by the latest development of Lexus’ normally aspirated V8 petrol engine, tuned to deliver 477 PS/351kW, with improved acceleration feel to the driver and the kind of engine note that only a normally aspirated V8 can deliver. This unit is matched to the world’s first 10-speed direct shift automatic transmission for a premium car, to secure a genuinely rewarding driving experience.