First screening tonight of the latest feature in the Lexus Short Films series

Brussels, Belgium - The Nation Holds its Breath, the latest feature to be released in this year’s Lexus Short Films series, was given its first screening this evening as part of the opening night programme for London’s Raindance Film Festival. Representatives from Lexus and The Weinstein Company attended the West End premiere of the original work by award-winning Irish writer and director Kev Cahill.

Cahill has a successful background in visual effects, known for his work on such popular films as The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Thor: The Dark World and Alice Through the Looking Glass.

His new work is one of four films being produced by Joey Horvitz of The Weinstein Company for the third season of Lexus Short Films. The movie series is presented in a partnership between Lexus and The Weinstein Company to support emerging new film-making talent.

The Nation Holds its Breath is the story of young father who is torn between witnessing the miracle of childbirth, and witnessing the miracle of Ireland reaching the quarter finals of the 1990 football world cup – a monumental event in Ireland and one of the most important sporting events in the country’s history. The film follows the central character on a journey that presents him with a series of difficult challenges.

Irish actors Sam Keeley and Barbara Brennan take the central roles. Keeley’s past credits include Burnt, alongside Bradley Cooper and In the Heart of the Sea, while Brennan is known for her work in the films Veronica Guerin and A Date for Mad Mary.

David Glasser, The Weinstein Company COO and President said: “We cannot be more pleased with the work and opportunity that the Lexus Short Films series has created thus far. Cahill’s film is just one of four that demonstrate how magic happens when you give talented people a chance to fulfil their dreams.”

David Nordstrom, General Manager of Lexus International’s Global Branding department, said: “Each year the work of our directors never ceases to amaze us. We are honoured to be in partnership with The Weinstein Company to bring these film-makers’ aspirations to life.”

Raindance will also feature two other works from this year’s series, Friday Night and MESSiAH. These have also been selected for screening at Vancouver, Calgary and other leading festivals worldwide.

Lexus a main partner to the Raindance Film Festival

In addition to contributing works from its current short films series, Lexus is supporting this year’s Raindance Festival as a main partner. Its involvement includes the festival’s first Virtual Reality arcade and an Origami Lounge. The new Lexus LC luxury coupe will also be on display.