• Updates to Lexus’ seven-seat GX 460 add more styling impact, inside and out
  • New spindle grille design, “triple eye” LED headlights and interior colour and trim options
  • High-tech performance systems include Crawl Control for secure driving in extreme off-road conditions
  • Automatic clean air filtration keeps the cabin free from allergens and urban exhaust emissions
  • 296 DIN hp, 4.6-litre V8 engine matched to intelligent six-speed automatic transmission

The Lexus GX 460 packs an impressive combination of qualities, a large and powerful SUV that can deal with the toughest conditions while seating up to seven on board in luxurious comfort. Mixing indulgence with performance, it’s a genuine off-roader that’s strikingly styled and rich in high-tech features.


For 2020, the GX 460 has been treated to some updates that give its appearance even more impact. There’s a new and striking rendition of Lexus’ signature spindle grille, which is now flanked by slim “triple eye” LED headlight units. Taking away the side mouldings has given the car a cleaner, cooler look, while at the back there’s a minimalistic Lexus L emblem and a new satin metal trim around the license plate.

Some strong paintwork colour options add to the impact, the choice updated to include Sonic Titanium, White Pearl, Mercury Grey, Black, Starlight Black, Garnet Red, Fire Agate and Deep Blue.

For the cabin, all-new Dark Rose finish has been added to the options of Black, Sepia and Ecru, while a Grey Sapele wood trim is also newly available, matched with aluminium detailing. The three-spoke steering wheel and its array of multi-function controls have been revised. The driver is kept aware of key vehicle information by a 4.2-inch full-colour TFT display in the centre of the instrument binnacle. Keeping a focus on today’s connectivity requirements, an extra two USB outlets have been added for rear seat passengers.


The GX 460’s off-road abilities are backed up by useful new technology options, including Lexus’ Multi-Terrain Monitor and Panoramic View Monitor. These provide clear sight of the vehicle’s immediate surroundings to make maneuvering – particularly over rough ground – easier and safer. Multi-Terrain Select is a one-touch control for adjusting the car’s settings to suit different off-road surfaces – more details are given below.


When it comes to tackling extremely rocky terrain or descending very slippery surfaces, the GX 460 can call on the automatic assistance of Crawl Control, which reduces the burden on the driver in potentially hazardous situations. The system controls the engine’s output and brake pressure to keep a low speed, letting the driver concentrate on the steering. When travelling over jagged terrain with scattered rocks, it also reduces the risk of grounding or damage to the underbody, by keeping vehicle speed down and reducing wheel and axle movement.

If you’re coming down a steep gradient, Crawl Control will prevent wheelspin and lock-up. The system is part of the GX 460’s Multi-Terrain Select, which has five switchable modes to adapt the vehicle for driving over rock and dirt, mud and sand, loose rock, mogul and rock. It automatically manages engine torque and braking to gain the best possible traction and stability. And, new for 2020, it can also be activated when Crawl Control is engaged.


Even when the going is tough outside, Lexus ensures the environment inside the GX 460 is kept pure.

The Cabin Clean Air Filter has a pollen removal mode, which removes any allergy-inducing pollen from air circulated around the driver and passengers’ faces from the front air vents.

When driving around town, where the air can be thick with exhaust emissions, a new automatic function detects harmful particles, such as carbon monoxides, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. To protect everyone on board, it automatically switches to air recirculation to keep the cabin air clean. It will also switch air modes to ensure ample cooling in summer, and to stop the windows fogging up in winter.


The GX 460’s surefooted performance is backed up by a strong and powerful powertrain. The 4.6-litre V8 engine produces a maximum 296 DIN hp and 438 Nm of torque, driving all four wheels through a six-speed ECT-i intelligent automatic transmission and a Torsen limited-slip centre differential. A towing capacity of almost three tonnes makes it the perfect vehicle for towing a boat or horsebox.


*Model present in Eastern markets only: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Caucasus region