NG RX Stay Ahead Launch Film 16x9

A first-class spy is tasked with protecting a mysterious briefcase from his pursuers. After being handed over the briefcase in the beautiful setting of La Fortalesa, the protagonist takes his all-new RX on a chase across the narrow streets of the iconic Spanish city of Girona, ending at the historic Puente de Besalú, where he eventually manages to comfortably escape to new adventures.

This is the scenario of ‘Stay Ahead’, the lead film supporting the launch of the all-new RX in Europe, to premiere in January 2023. Much like the RX, a pioneer in the luxury hybrid electric SUV segment, the film celebrates the similarities between a state-of-the-art car that is inherently forward-thinking and iconic, and an audience that embodies the ethos of “stay ahead” in all aspects of their life. From food and fashion to art and culture, the RX audience is on the search for products and experiences that complement their lifestyle and ambitions.

While the regular 30-second edit of ‘Stay Ahead’ will feature on various media across Europe as the main campaign asset, Lexus has also produced an extended 100-second directors’ cut, allowing viewers to immerse themselves even more in this cinematic experience, a homage to classic spy movies. The director’s cut will be visible on the Lexus Europe site and all national distributor sites.

The end of the film reveals nothing about the contents of the highly-prized briefcase – but Lexus enthusiasts will be able to join a competition to find out more and win exclusive prizes. More details will be released in April 2023, when the competition will be launched to the public.

As seen in the Stay Ahead film, the RX 500h Performance Hybrid combines elegance and power to maintain its position at the front of the pack. Other electrified powertrains offered in Europe include the RX 450h+, featuring Lexus’ benchmark plug-in hybrid electric technology, and the RX 350h, which introduces an efficient alternative to lower displacement diesel and petrol competitor models. The All-New RX also includes a driver-centred “Tazuna” cockpit, improving intuitive control of the car, which simultaneously enhances the driver experience. Thanks to a new Lexus Link Multimedia system, with the “Hey Lexus” onboard assistant as standard, the 14-inch touchscreen and remote functions can be operated on the Lexus Link smartphone app. Drivers will also experience improved handling and responsiveness thanks to the development of Lexus’ GA-K platform, delivering excellent body rigidity and a low centre of gravity.  Optimising the SUV’s fundamentals such as the inertia specifications, weight reduction and powertrain, Lexus have created a more natural dialogue between car and driver.

To find out more about the new RX, please visit Newsroom Lexus Europe.