On October 11th, 2016, St Petersburg’s Manege Central Exhibition Hall hosted the opening of the Lexus Hybrid Art exhibition, developed with artist Douglas Coupland and curator Marcelo Dantas, under the theme of ‘ANTICIPATION. Assembling the Future’. For the first time in its 7 year history, Russia’s main platform for hybrid art has moved to St Petersburg — Russia's cultural centre.

Moscow - During the opening ceremony, the artistic director of the exhibition, Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich and the Manager of Lexus Marketing & Product Training, Elena Salakhetdinova, took the guests through the tremendous fantasy of invited artist Douglas Coupland.

Visitors of the exhibition, which will stay open until October 25th, will have the opportunity to start building the city of the future — a twenty-meter long construction intended to absorb and reflect the creative energy and the mechanics of cooperation between all participants.

John Thomson, Senior Director of Lexus Sales & Marketing, commented: “This year’s Lexus Hybrid Art will entirely be dedicated to pondering the future, and by inventing innovative ways to change and improve society, Lexus is gaining a sense of what form the future might take. Thanks to the innovative solutions offered by the curator and artist -as-director, the visitors will embark on a journey full of powerful visual, sensory and tactile impressions, gain the illusion of controlling a new reality of the future, plus experience the delight and the pleasure from getting in touch with it. Contemporary artists are united by their desire to create and achieve something unusual, deep, and totally new. At Lexus, we believe in the power of creativity that is capable of changing the world and creating a better future.”

Marcello Dantas, curator: “Douglas Coupland has consistently been an interpreter of the anxieties of the present about the future. His work often deals with the changes the notion of the future impacts on us. His metaphors of society, roles and trends have helped shape our contemporary understanding of where we are and where digital culture might take us. For me Coupland is not so much a contemporary artist but more of an artist of the contemporary”.

Douglas Coupland, artist: "Anticipation. Assembling the Future is a special exhibition where blocks meet Warhol’s Factory. It’s a large social sculpture that melts pop culture bonds with the Future. I have a dozen actors in a big hall on six rotating stages wearing specifically themed costumes given precise instructions on what to do: dance moves; the creation of building block forms. Attendees will be offered a chance to take these block forms to create an ad hoc ‘cityscape’ in the Manege hall’s central area. In the end I want people to come to the Manege and rethink the way we can collectively build groups and cities and new forms"

Exhibition Lexus Hybrid Art 2016 "ANTICIPATION. Assembling the Future "

Manege Central Exhibition Hall, St Petersburg, Russia

Open: October 12-25.

11am- 8 pm (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)

11am- 9pm (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)

About Douglas Coupland

Douglas Coupland is a Canadian artist, writer, designer and journalist, and the author of the cult novel "Generation X" that became the manifesto of an entire generation. He is one of the engineers of the digital revolution, who, in his columns for Vice and Wired magazines as early as 20 years ago, managed to anticipate the events that have become an integral part of our present-day reality. He is a resident of Google Cultural Institute, a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts since 2007, and of the French National Order of the Legion of Honour, plus the winner of two Canadian National awards in industrial design. Coupland’s focus is his research into the mass culture of the present and the digital world of the near future.

About Marcello Dantas

Marcello Dantas is a renowned Brazilian curator and documentary filmmaker who works on the borders between diverse art forms. He is responsible for innovating the concept of museology in Brazil, and employing unprecedented doses of technology, interactivity and multimedia resources to offer the visitor what he calls “an experience of total immersion”. Over the last 25 years, Marcello Dantas has curated the solo exhibitions of world famous artists including Christian Boltanski, Anish Kapoor, Tino Sehgal, Antony Gormley, Peter Greenaway, Rebecca Horn, Bill Viola and Laurie Anderson. Dantas was also the curator of the famous exhibition “Still Being” by British artist Antony Gormley in the Brazilian cities of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. The exhibition was the 7th most attended art event in the world in 2012, according to The Art Newspaper.

About Lexus Hybrid Art

Since 2010, the Lexus Hybrid Art exhibition has annually presented the works of the leading modern artists, whose artistic vision matches the philosophy of the Lexus brand. Over these six years the exhibition has turned into one of the most remarkable art events in Russia, in which over 70 artists have taken part — from rising stars to key figures of the contemporary art scene such as: Bill Viola (USA), Julio Le Parc (Argentina), Ivan Navarro (Chile), Gary Hill (USA), Conrad Shawcross, (UK), and the Marina Abramovich Institute, MAI. In previous years, Lexus Hybrid Art was held at Moscow’s largest exhibition centres, such as: Artplay Design Centre (2012), Moscow Manege Exhibition Hall (2013), VDNKH Exhibition (2014), Rossiya Theatre (2015).

About the Manege Exhibition Hall

The Manege Central Exhibition Hall has recently reopened after large-scale reconstruction, and has become one of the major exhibition centres for contemporary Russian and global art. The Manege Exhibition Hall is a co-organiser and a venue for Lexus Hybrid Art 2016. Manege is an early 19th century architectural monument. Facing the famous St. Isaac's Square and the Cathedral of the same name, it is one of the largest exhibition centers in St. Petersburg. Its opening after reconstruction in the summer of 2016 was one of the most important cultural events in the northern capital. Lexus Hybrid Art 2016 will be the first international exhibition of contemporary art held in the renovated space.