Featuring bold design, agile performance and breakthrough ideas, the new Lexus UX challenges everything which has gone before it. With the first cars arriving early in 2019, UX drivers will discover a crossover rich in imaginative technology and beautiful craftsmanship.

• Collaboration with neural scientists to create the ultimate luxury car door sound

• Takumi-crafted ‘sashiko’ seat stitching as used in traditional judo and kendo uniforms

• ‘Omotenashi’-inspired windscreen wipers that pause to avoid splashing passengers

• Cutting-edge measuring equipment helps precision assembly by Lexus craftspeople

The following features highlight the lengths to which the Lexus designers, engineers and master craftspeople went in creating the new UX:

1. The science of luxury door sounds

Car doors are the driver’s first point of contact point with any vehicle. Leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of luxury, Lexus acoustic engineers collaborated with neural scientists to arrive at the ultimate car door sound. Based on research into the brain waves which are created when a luxury car’s door closes, the team selected bespoke materials and adjusted the door shape by tenths of a millimetre to produce a satisfying, reassuring tone. Finally, to ensure the correct closing sound, Lexus’ ‘Takumi’ craftspeople listen to and, where necessary, adjust each UX door in a dedicated ‘Quiet Room’ facility before the car leaves the Kyushu plant.

2. ‘Sashiko’ stitching on leather seats

The new UX crossover can be ordered with leather seat upholstery inspired by ‘sashiko’, a traditional Japanese stitching technique used to apply protective quilting to judo and kendo uniforms. For a distinctive visual effect reflecting the crossover’s front signature grille, Lexus craftspeople stitch along mathematical curves aligned with the perforation pattern and the seat ventilation outlets. The result is a sophisticated fusion of art and functionality.

3. Wireless illuminated vent controls

For ease of operation, each ultra-slim air vent on the new UX features a single knob to control both airflow direction and intensity. On Luxury-grade models, illuminated vent controls house a wireless LED light source powered by electrical induction. This advanced yet elegant detail helps the driver or front seat passenger find the vent control in the dark. Additionally, it also creates a comforting sense of depth, even though the illuminated knob is only 3 mm in diameter.

 4. Sophisticated power window system

Complementing the ambience of sophisticated luxury inside the cabin, the opening and closing of the UX’s power windows is carefully controlled to reduce noise and juddering. Additionally, to protect the driver and passengers, all power windows are equipped with a jam and entanglement function, which prevents shirtsleeves or children’s fingers from being trapped.

5. Windscreen wipers which pause for passengers

The wiper system in the new UX is one of the most innovative of its kind, equipped not only with an automatic sensor but with the ability to slow down gradually so as not to impair driver concentration. Underlying the Lexus spirit of ‘Omotenashi’ (Japanese for ‘hospitality and polite service’), the wipers automatically stop when a door opens to prevent guests entering or exiting the car from being splashed.

 6. Imaginative folding luggage cover

An innovative feature which highlights the customer centric approach that Lexus takes to design, the UX’s luggage cover can be folded like a net when not in use and stored in the car with a minimum of obstruction.

7. Precision-assembled tailgate

The assembly of every UX crossover is performed by skilled Lexus craftspeople, using cutting-edge technology. To ensure its smooth operation, every UX tailgate and tailgate opening is measured at around 200 different reference points prior to assembly. The digital measuring equipment employed even allows for minute differences in temperature and humidity. Based on this data, Lexus craftspeople are then able to adjust each UX tailgate to fit exactly, ensuring it will operate perfectly for many years to come.

Drivers who wish to experience the above features and many more on the new Lexus UX should contact their local Lexus dealership to arrange a test drive: www.lexus.eu