Brussels, Belgium - MARCH 10 2016 00.01 CET; Today Lexus Europe unveils a new 360-degree video, giving viewers the chance to step inside an immersive show and become an invisible member of the production team. Actor Jude Law acts as a personal guide in the six-minute interactive video journey, which sees the Hollywood star and a team of experts from the world of immersive theatre propel unwitting members of the audience into ‘The Life RX’ – a world of luxury, excitement and thrills, as depicted in the latest TV advert for the new 2016 Lexus RX.

Shot in a disused underground bank vault and London’s Tom Dixon-designed Mondrian hotel, the video lifts the curtain on a one-night-only immersive performance, which took place last month. Captured with over 80 individual cameras, 25 hidden microphones and 3 bespoke car rigs, the video allows viewers to explore how the production was created and experience the glamour for themselves, submerging themselves within the set.

The audience travel through the experience under the guise of attending a traditional car launch, being laser-guided through a series of opening scenes inspired by the bold design of the RX, before being seated in the luxury SUV. As they don an Oculus Rift headset, the concealed crew quickly transforms an empty hangar into a bustling film set, catapulting the unsuspecting guests into the life of a film star.

Encouraged to improvise in their new role, the participants are pursued by eager photographers and journey through the streets of London to arrive in style at their very own red carpet debut. As they emerge into the spotlight, they are greeted by rows of adoring fans, and as they attempt to tackle a press interview, Jude Law himself appears to ask for the return of his Lexus RX keys.

Speaking about the content, Jude Law said: “The 360-degree video provides a glimpse behind the scenes of what was an epic 14 scene production. In immersive theatre, the audience is often left wondering how everything came together and this video lifts the lid on some of that. We worked with a very talented team to create the experience and hope everyone who watches this video has as much fun navigating their way around it as we did putting it on.”

Spiros Fotinos, Head of Marketing at Lexus Europe said: "On Feb 9th, in London, Lexus Europe in collaboration with Jude Law and an A-list team surprised a select group of 100 participants by exposing them to an immersive theatre experience to celebrate the Life RX. Thinking they were attending a conventional press event, the participants were unwittingly transformed into Hollywood superstars and for 50 minutes, live the Life RX. This campaign has been about sharing the amazing experiences that are the Life RX. We’ve been inspired by the pioneering spirit of the Lexus brand to create new ways to tell our story. Whether you look at the bespoke POV camera we created to shoot the TVC, the use of immersive theatre or the sound and lights technology we have used, everything is cutting edge.”

The launch was meticulously produced and directed by an A-list team including the Performance Director behind many Secret Cinema classics, Simon Evans; the Sound and Graphic designer from smash-hit immersive experience Punch Drunk, Stephen Dobbie; ‘The Railway Children’s’ award winning Set and Costume Designer, Joanna Scotcher; Moschino and Beyoncé Lighting Designer, Tupac Martir; the World’s first immersive talent agency The Department, and many of the cast from cult immersive theatre shows such as ‘You Me Bum Bum Train’ and also included a scene with master tailor Joshua Kane.

To view the video go to http://www.youtube.com/lexuseurope

NB. Viewing directions

- ON MOBILE : 360-degree video works best viewed on mobile devices. On Apple and Android devices, click the link and watch/interact through the YouTube app. Please ensure you update the YouTube app to the latest version. This also works well with Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR kits.

- GOOGLE CARDBOARD ON ANDROID : Watch in Google Cardboard on Android Devices – Click the link and open the video in the latest version of the YouTube app on Android. Make the video suitable for Google Cardboard by clicking the cardboard icon in the video player, insert your phone in to the unit, then move your head around to experience the video in full 360-degree.

- ON DESKTOP : 360 video works in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer browsers. Using the link, open in YouTube and tap and drag to move the camera around the video

‘The Life RX’ TV advert can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qF9NTslNGpY

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In immersive theatre, the lines between performer and audience and between performance and life are blurred. The audience are not passive bystanders and audience members; they are part of the story. However small their role may be, they are placed within in the middle of the action allowing them to individualize their experience based on their reactions and choices and write their own stories.


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