• Lexus’ “Stay Ahead” campaign for the all-new RX begins a new phase – a spy-themed online game challenge with exclusive prizes to be won
  • Unlock the mystery of the briefcase and have a chance of winning an exclusive Lexus Hoverboard NFT

“Stay Ahead,” the launch campaign for the all-new Lexus RX featured a fast-moving film in the spirit of classic spy movies, following a hero character charged with keeping a mysterious briefcase out of the hands of his pursuers. The agent completed his mission in the RX, driving through the scenic streets of Girona in Spain to deliver his secret cargo. Now there’s a new twist in the “Stay Ahead” story.

In the next phase of the campaign this spring, Lexus invites people to try their luck at unlocking the briefcase to discover what’s inside. Those who crack the code will have the chance of winning an exclusive prize – one of five new NFT artworks, inspired by the famous Lexus Hoverboard.

NFT Lexus white alt

The Hoverboard was chosen as the subject of the NFTs as it is a perfect expression of the technical innovation that continues to inspire Lexus. Created in 2015, the fully functioning machine used super-conductivity and magnetic levitation science to carry a rider – champion skateboarder Ross McGouran – the length of a purpose-built track.

In the all-new RX luxury SUV, the same pioneering spirit can be seen in Lexus’ first turbocharged performance hybrid electric system – the powertrain used for the RX 500h F SPORT that has a central role in the “Stay Ahead” film. This new electrification technology is also the first Lexus hybrid to work with an automatic transmission, delivering sharper, responsive performance and a higher level of driver rewards. The new range also includes the first plug-in hybrid electric RX, the RX 450h+, which runs by default in pure electric EV mode, and the self-charging hybrid electric RX 350h.

The new adventure game challenge is available now on the official Lexus Europe website at https://www.lexus.eu/new-cars/rx/stay-ahead-film and Lexus’ national websites. The “Stay Ahead” story continues in another short film which freezes at key moments where the player has 10 seconds to decide between two courses of action. Make the right choice, and the challenge moves to the next stage; pick the wrong option and it is game over.

Those who successfully navigate their way through the puzzle to open the briefcase can then put their name forward to take part in a prize draw to win an NFT.

The game can also be accessed via a QR code available to scan at Lexus Centres. It will be available to play through to 31 August 2023 and winners will be announced in September. Participation is age-restricted to people 18 or older. Full details of terms and conditions are provided on the online entry form.

For more information about the new RX, please visit https://www.lexus.eu/new-cars/rx/all-new-rx