• Close to 100 km electric city driving range with zero emissions and segment-leading fuel efficiency in the all-new NX 450h+, Lexus’ first plug-in hybrid electric
  • 24% more power and 20% lower emissions in the new NX 350h self-charging hybrid

It is perhaps too easy to assume that all new plug-in hybrid cars are much the same. They come with a powerful, high-voltage battery that gives you plenty of emissions-free, all-electric driving. And when the battery needs recharging, you can keep on driving using the engine until you can plug into to your power supply at home, the office, or a public charge point.

That’s true, as far as the basics go. But with its all-new NX 450h+, its first plug-in hybrid electric, Lexus is showing that with its technology, you can achieve much, much more.

It’s thanks to Lexus’ unmatched electrified vehicle expertise among premium car makers, established over more than 15 years, that this mid-size luxury SUV has immediately set a new reference point in its segment for its combination of performance and efficiency, including how far you can drive with zero exhaust emissions. It outperforms most of its rivals in all key metrics – by a distance.

The NX 450h+’s EV (electric vehicle) driving range is between 70 and 74 km on the WLTP combined test cycle, rising to 89-97 km in urban cycle journeys – the areas where clean vehicle performance is particularly crucial. These figures, together with 0.9-1.1 l/100 km fuel economy and an official 21-25 g/km CO2 emissions, are best-in-class by a good margin. Moreover, on the open road the Lexus can be driven on its electric power at speeds up to 135 km/h.

Not only will this mid-size luxury SUV go further and longer on zero emission pure electric power, it will also deliver class-leading performance when its battery charge is depleted. That’s because it then reverts to full hybrid electric power, unlike most rivals which switch to their internal combustion engine. That inevitably means using more fuel and generating higher emissions: Lexus has found that in this scenario, fuel consumption in the NX 450h+’s competitor models is on average between 23 and 30% higher than for its plug-in hybrid SUV.

What makes this possible is the technical quality of the Lexus plug-in hybrid electric system. It brings together a high-efficiency 2.5-litre Atkinson cycle engine with an electric motor-generator and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery has an 18.1 kWh capacity – another class-leading figure – and can be fully recharged in around two-and-a-half hours, using a 32 A station and the onboard 6.6 kW charger. The quality of the battery, refined through Lexus’ superior technology know-how, is fundamental to the car’s EV performance.

Using this advanced powertrain does not compromise the NX’s authentic SUV capabilities: the NX 450h+ comes as standard with energy-efficient e-Four all-wheel drive (AWD), using an additional electric motor to drive the rear axle when needed.

The accomplishments of the NX 450h+ are just one aspect of the new NX’s leap forward in efficient performance. The NX 350h, the self-charging hybrid electric model, also benefits from comprehensive technical upgrades that deliver all-round improvements. Compared to the previous NX 300h, the new, fourth generation system is 24% more powerful, producing 244 DIN hp, which helps reduce the 0-100 km/h acceleration time for the AWD model by 15% to 7.7 seconds.

There is no penalty to pay for this power hike in terms of fuel economy and emissions, however. Official test figures show a drop of around 20% in the CO2 figures: these start from 135 g/km in the WLTP combined test cycle for the AWD model, down to 129 g/km for the front-wheel drive version, with fuel consumption from 5.7 l/100 km (FWD model).

The performance statistics demonstrate how the benefits delivered by Lexus’ technology leadership make the NX a compelling choice for customers, whether seeking a plug-in hybrid electric or self-charging hybrid electric. That’s just part of the picture: the new NX brings further rewards in exhilarating performance, brave design and the famous Lexus takumi luxury craftsmanship, opening a new chapter for the brand.

For more information, please consult : https://www.lexus.eu/car-models/nx/