Lexus is again the undisputed leader in the prestigious Autoindex survey in Norway.

Autoindex is Scandinavia’s largest car survey among private car owners. It looks at the entire customer experience that car buyers have with their vehicle and its brand’ sales and after-sales support. This year, more than 11,000 Norwegian car owners have contributed to the survey.

“This has become an annual party day for us!”, commented Knut-Erik Jahnsen, head of Lexus in Norway. “We want to give a unique experience to our customers, from their first visit to a dealer until they drive their new car and when they need service or follow-up. We work hard during the whole year, even sending our employees to elite courses in Europe and Japan to keep improving our service. It is wonderful that customers reward us year after year with this ‘best in the industry’ accolade.”

Autoindex is performed annually by Loyalty Group International and looks at several factors: the car and the driving experience (40% of the score), the dealer and the purchase experience (20%), service at the workshop (20%) and loyalty to the brand (20%). This year again, Lexus won in all 4 categories.

Lexus is known for being a dedicated engineer company, delivering unique solutions and high quality products. But the secret ingredient behind the dominance in Autoindex is, according to Jahnsen, to be summarized in one word: Omotenashi, the Japanese sense of hospitality.

“Omotenashi is a core value in Japanese culture. And thus also for Lexus. It's with us all the time. It's about our dedication to the customer and the product, and how, for example, thousands of hours are spent perfecting details such as colour choices and the sound of the car door when closing. Omotenashi is for us a constant reminder to anticipate our customers' needs and always deliver something more than what is expected. Simply showing an unconditional respect and care for the customer.”