• Changes broaden the appeal of Lexus’ popular all-electric compact crossover 
  • New battery extends range by more than 40% up to 450 km
  • New multimedia system with greater functionality and bigger screens
  • Refinements to body and chassis enhance the driving experience
  • Lexus Safety System + gets more capabilities
  • Greater choice in upholstery and paintwork

Lexus has introduced a package of upgrades to the UX 300e, the compact luxury crossover which launched two years ago as Lexus’ first all-electric model.

In the most significant development, a new battery system increases driving range by more than 40% up to 450 km – enough to travel from Brussels to Frankfurt for instance, or from Nice to Florence in one hop.

At the same time, detail changes to the body and chassis have enhanced the superior driving experience and refinement that are hallmarks of the Lexus UX family.

The UX 300e also gets a new and improved multimedia system, which is one of the top priorities for premium car buyers; a more comprehensive advanced safety system; and is now offered with a wider choice of upholstery details and an additional exterior colour.

The first production model launched under the banner of the Lexus electrification strategy, the UX 300e has attracted more than 10,000 buyers globally since launch in 2020, with nearly half those sales in Europe.

The face and voice of the launch campaign for the new UX is the internationally acclaimed musician Joy Crookes, whose hit song “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” features as the soundtrack for the television commercial. 

First deliveries of the new UX 300e in European markets will be made in May 2023.


New battery extends range; driving experience is refined

Lexus has significantly extended the UX 300e’s driving range beyond the previous 315 km by increasing battery pack capacity from 54.3 kWh to 72.8 kWh.

Maximum power output is 150 KW (204 PS), maximum torque 300 Nm. Models running on 17-inch wheels now achieve a WLTP combined range of 450 km (depending on options); models on 18-inch wheels achieve a combined range of 440 km (also depending on options).

A number of detail changes have been made to enhance the driving experience. Fine-tuning the electric power steering and shock absorbers has sharpened the driving dynamics, as has increasing the body rigidity with additional spot welding. These alterations further improve the planted feel and responsiveness of the UX, characteristics accentuated by the vehicle’s low centre of gravity and placement of the battery pack under the floor. Also, the insulation has been further optimised for an even quieter cabin.  

New and improved multimedia system

The UX now has a new, easier-to-use multimedia system, with a touchscreen replacing the touchpad. The system’s controls are more intuitive, command responses are faster, functionality is increased (but can vary according to market), and connectivity is greater. The screen is now positioned 143 mm closer to the driver for easier interaction. And where previously the screens were 7- or 10-inches large (according to equipment grade), now they are 8-inches, with sharper graphics, or 12.3-inches, with high-definition.

The multimedia system’s voice recognition capability now includes the “Hey Lexus” on-board assistant for making voice commands. “Hey Lexus” can be used to operate the controls (without any need to mute the audio system when doing so), operate the climate controls, search the internet, and connect to phone calls. Smartphone integration can be made wirelessly via Apple CarPlay or via Android Auto with a wired connection. Connectivity also extends to the Lexus Link smartphone app, which can remotely lock or unlock the doors and set the air conditioning or heating before getting into the car. 

In another enhancement, the multimedia system now includes cloud-based navigation as standard. This gives access to real-time road and traffic information, making it easier to plan journeys and re-route to avoid traffic delays. Other helpful information, such as local charging prices and parking locations, can also be accessed from the cloud by using “Hey Lexus”. The 12.3-inch screen adds embedded navigation, providing a permanent connection if cloud connection should be unavailable.

The space on the centre console previously occupied by the multimedia touchpad now houses controls for the heated front seats or, where these are not specified, a small storage cubby. The console also has a USB A-port for playback of high-resolution sound sources, two USB-C ports for device charging, and an illuminated tray which can accommodate a large smartphone.

Interior and exterior changes 

Inside the UX, both upholstery choices, fabric and genuine leather, are now available in a new Hazel colour option. For perforated leather upholstery there’s a new Kagome pleating effect, inspired by traditional Japanese basket weave. Japanese heritage has also inspired the dashboard’s surface texture, which has the appearance of Washi paper grain, as seen on sliding doors inside traditional houses.

A new exterior colour option is also offered with the new UX. This is Sonic Platinum, a brilliant silver paintwork with a beautiful metallic texture, characterized by contrasting highlights and shadows.

Additional features with Lexus Safety System +   

Upgrades have also been made to the UX’s Lexus Safety System + by adding capabilities. Intersection Turning Assist helps the driver make safer left and right turns across traffic at intersections. Emergency Steering Assist automatically makes small corrective inputs to the steering wheel, when enabled, to help prevent the vehicle from unintentionally departing from its lane. And the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control now has Curve Speed Reduction, which automatically adjusts the vehicle’s speed according to bend radius.


UX300e Specifications (prototype)

Cruising range

450 (1)  / 440 km (2)

Energy consumption

16,7 (1)  / 16,9 kWh/100 km (2)

Battery capacity

72.8 kWh

Fast Charging Standard


Maximum output (kW[ps])

150 [204]

Maximum torque (Nm[Kgf-m])

300 [30.5]

(1) 17” wheels ; (2) 18” wheels ; WLTP combined


For more information, please visit https://www.lexus.eu/car-models/ux-300e/all-new-ux-300e