Lexus RC 300 comes to Paris in imaginative #SharpYetSmooth activation
  • Lexus celebrates its reimagined RC coupe with exclusive preview on the Champs-Élysées prior to world premiere at Paris Motor Show
  • Michelin-starred chef Andreas Møller takes first drive and creates a unique #SharpYetSmooth dish inspired by the new RC and Lexus’ “YET” philosophy

September 5th marked the first public appearance of the new Lexus RC coupe, almost a month ahead of its world premiere at Paris Motor Show 2018, at a pop-up event hosted in partnership with up-and-coming chef Andreas Møller of the restaurant Copenhague on the Champs-Elysées in Paris.

The new, reimagined RC blends comfort refinements with the latest Lexus signature design cues and sharper driving dynamics, drawing its inspiration from the LC flagship luxury coupe. The improvements featured in the new RC are a perfect embodiment of Lexus’ “YET” philosophy, giving the car a distinctive “sharp yet smooth” character, demonstrating how seemingly contrasting qualities can come together to brilliant effect. The sharpness can be found in RC’s more direct, responsive handling and bold design features, while the refined self-charging hybrid powertrain and interior finish enhancements express its smoothness.

Andreas Møller has created an out of the ordinary dish interpreting the #SharpYetSmooth character of the new RC. The Danish chef was the first to test drive the new luxury sports coupe through the heart of Paris, gaining inspiration for his unique gastronomic creation that captures the contrasting qualities of the car.

Andreas, whose skills were honoured with a first Michelin star earlier this year, envisioned a dish that translates the “YET” feeling - on the tastebuds. “I wanted to create something that is light and airy yet still has a lot of substance with strong flavours coming through – essentially Sharp Yet Smooth”, he explained.

“The dish includes mackerel, a fish that looks sharp, yet has the smoothest texture beneath the skin, which reflects the sharp lines of the RC and its luxurious interior. There is another parallel in my use of candy floss, the idea being that it hides then reveals all good things underneath, just as when you step into the new RC, it reveals more than you expect at first glance.”

Andreas sees strong parallels between his approach to cooking and Lexus’ “YET” philosophy: “I try to marry flavours that you would normally keep apart. I think it’s fun to challenge the guest’s perception of sweet and savoury with surprising flavour combinations,” he said.

This original collaboration and the pop-up reveal on the Champs-Elysées showcase Lexus’ ongoing commitment to create Amazing Experiences, both behind the wheel of its cars, and beyond.


The raw mackerel is oak-smoked to give it a deeper flavour. It is complemented by kohlrabi that has been marinated with horseradish to bring out sharpness without being overpowering. The marinade also gives the kohlrabi a clear, glass-like appearance and the special way it is cut creates smooth waves that define the appearance of the dish.

The pickled mustard and ramson seeds give the dish an extra texture and create small explosions of flavour. Lemon caviar, also known as finger limes, add acidity to balance out the heavier flavours of the pickled ingredients. Using caviar as a topping adds both a luxury feel and a saltiness that balances with the taste of the smoked mackerel. Raw whitecurrants and fermented currants are added, giving both acidity and a hint of soft sweetness.

Green saltwort is a seashore plant that retains strong saltiness in its crisp stems, while nasturtium and borage bring freshness and an edge to the dish.

Lightly salted airy candy floss sprinkled with lemon dust is added as a topping and the final touch is a drizzle of whitecurrant juice, juice from salted lemons and seaweed oil, which melts the candy floss and brings together all the dish’s flavours, masterfully bringing the sharp and the smooth notes together

The result is a dish featuring a wealth of different ingredients, flavours and textures that would perhaps not be considered natural partner, yet come together to deliver something truly remarkable.


Lexus invites media visitors to taste #SharpYetSmooth on the Lexus stand during the world debut of the new RC at the Paris Motor Show on October 2, from 11:00 to 16:00.

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