• In its first participation, Lexus scores first place in ‘The Great Test of Car Dealers’, the largest survey of its kind in Poland
  • Highest standards of customer service are rooted in Lexus’ philosophy since the brand’s inception

The Great Test of Car Dealers is an annual survey carried out by Auto Świat, the Polish edition of Auto Bild, in cooperation with the research company Kantar. Held in 2019 for the 16th time, the survey included inspection of 359 authorized retailers belonging to 22 automotive brands. The Great Test of Car Dealers is the largest test of this type on the Polish market.

The inspections involved visits of every retailer by mystery shoppers who carried out a comprehensive analysis on how the customers who are planning to buy a new car are served, resulting in an extensive, 5-page visit report containing over 70 detailed questions. As a result, an objective assessment is carried out within three categories: "Showroom organization", "Customer service" and "Test drive".

This year, among the total of 22 inspected brands, 5 belonged to the premium segment: Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes and Volvo – representing a total of 54 retailers.

Lexus was included in this survey for the first time, and was evaluated as providing the best service in the premium segment with a total score of 94.9%, significantly ahead of the second-best brand which achieved 85.6%.

For more details, please visit the following page (in Polish language):https://www.auto-swiat.pl/wiadomosci/wielki-test-salonow-2019-auto-swiata/6mpzzs9


The high quality of service and special approach to the customer have distinguished Lexus since its inception in 1989. Lexus founders understood very well that building image is not only about selling cars but also about all the experiences that accompany it before and after the sale.

This unique approach comes from Japan, the brand’s country of origin, where this way of treating customers is deeply rooted in culture and used on a daily basis in every business area. Just like in the Land of Cherry Blossoms, Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) applies to Lexus showrooms.

According to this philosophy, employees should treat every customer in the Lexus showroom like a guest in their own home, trying to predict and meet their needs before they arise, and taking care of every detail. Each visit to the luxury Japanese brand showroom should be a unique experience and the first step to the spectacular world of Lexus. It is also important to express gratitude to the customer for the trust placed in the Lexus brand by choosing it from many other market options.

This means that in a Lexus showroom, customers can not only buy a car but above all enter a completely different world based on a relationship full of respect and warmth, where they are awaited by coffee, snacks and the staff’s attention. The goal of Lexus is to make every customer leave the showroom happy regardless of whether they bought a car or not.

Every showroom has a designated Omotenashi Manager. Their role as a host is to make sure that every customer is noticed, warmly welcomed and supported at all times. Lexus offers VIP Program to meet the needs of those who value their time the most. The customer does not have to go to the showroom, since the presentation of a new car or vehicle check-up can take place at a time and location convenient for the customer.

Handing over a new vehicle to a customer is a carefully prepared ceremony. Lexus ensures that it is unique and memorable for every customer, just like other major events in their life.