·      Superior cabin experience includes nanoe™ X air purification, new multimedia and audio options, as well as striking interior colour modifications.

·      Ultimate listening pleasure via bespoke Mark Levinson audio system available for the first time on Luxury grade Plug-in Hybrid model, as an option.

·      Reinforced theft protection comes as standard with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) keyless technology across the NX range.

·      Front-wheel-drive option now available on Luxury grade Hybrid model.

·      Intelligent fuel economy improvement from new Predictive Efficient Drive which optimizes battery usage on selected Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid models.

The Lexus NX will excite, entertain and promote peace of mind thanks to upgrades, which bring enhancements to the premium cabin experience as well as intelligent new solutions to elevate the luxurious SUV’s perfect balance of dynamic driving and refined lifestyle.

Since it was comprehensively re-engineered inside and out for its second-generation model introduced in 2022, the NX has established itself as a sophisticated and exhilarating companion for discerning drivers. The latest iteration offers more than ever before by elevating qualities which are quintessential to Lexus, and introducing more of the latest technologies.

On-board ambience, inspired by a luxury lounge crafted according to Lexus’ omotenashi principles of hospitality, is reinforced on the latest NX with further attention to details which anticipate the needs and expectations of premium SUV customers.

All new NX vehicles will feature a cleaner and healthier cabin environment, with the wellbeing of all occupants protected by next generation nanoe™ X air purifying technology from Panasonic. By discharging mildly acidic nanoe ions into the cabin atmosphere via the air conditioning vents, nanoe™ X helps to eliminate viruses, bacteria, pollen and other allergens, as well as bad odours, and it is kind to skin and hair by reducing moisture evaporation.

Whilst already offered on the high grades of the NX Hybrid, an amazing listening experience is now also available for occupants of the Plug-in Hybrid in Luxury grade specification, with a bespoke system from luxury audio specialists, and exclusive Lexus partner, Mark Levinson offered as an option. For more convenience, the Lexus Link Connect 14-inch multimedia screen with the cloud navigation is now also offered as an option on Comfort, Business and Executive grade vehicles, compared to the 9.8-inch standard screen.

The stylish interior shines with new modifications to the radiant colour combinations. Black & Rich Cream, and the F SPORT’s Flare Red and White interiors, stand out thanks to new coloured glove box, console side panel (passenger side) and door trim. The Hazel, and Dark Rose combinations now also feature their signature colour on the glove box and console side panel (passenger side).

For the driver, a revised switch lay-out on the centre console makes operations more intuitive, grouping together the driving-related functions which are operated when the vehicle is stopped.

Drivers also benefit from unprecedented peace of mind with the latest NX via Ultra-Wideband (UWB) keyless theft prevention technology, introduced as standard across the range*. The risk of theft is reduced because the UWB technology detects not only the approximate distance between key and car, as in traditional keyless entry systems; it identifies the exact location. Precise, real-time and tamper-proof positioning of the key ensures the NX operates only for its rightful users.

Safety and security are also the driving forces behind two further refinements to the driving experience. The digital interior rear-view mirror gains a new digital auto dimming mode to reduce glare from following vehicles’ headlights and ensure a clear display, while an improved high-mounted rear brake light uses surface illumination to achieve superior visibility and clarity.

In addition to the existing all-wheel-drive variant, the Hybrid model is now also available with front-wheel-drive on the Luxury grade, giving customers a wider choice.

Better fuel economy is achieved on all Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid models with embedded navigation, via the new Predictive Efficient Drive system, which optimises battery charging and discharging on Hybrid models, and the use of full-electric or Hybrid modes on PHEV vehicles. Navigation system data identifies regular locations for sudden deceleration, and regenerative braking is increased to maximise energy recovery. During navigation, the system proactively charges the battery to reduce engine use in upcoming traffic, and optimises battery usage based on the forthcoming traffic and road conditions, such as up/downhill or urban/highway sections.

Whether it is the class-leading performance and enhanced efficiency, the functional beauty of a pioneering mid-size SUV, or the rich sensory appeal of the revised interior, the new NX will ensure drivers and passengers feel more in every moment when its European introduction begins in spring 2023, with exact timing differing depending on each market.