• An innovative digital art experience featuring the all-new Lexus LBX
  •  AI-powered experience generating unique artworks based on users’ social media aesthetic or visual preferences
  •  Intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows users to reflect their unique style and personality
  •  Live from November 15 in Europe

As part of the promotion campaign for its all-new urban crossover, the LBX self-charging hybrid, Lexus launched today an exclusive AI (Artificial Intelligence) Experience, inviting consumers to interact with the LBX in an innovative and creative way, and to engage with the vibrant Lexus community. This AI Experience is a part of the LBX Experience hub, which is a suite of digital experiences and personalised content available across Lexus online channels in Europe.

Designed to push the boundaries of the traditional online car-purchase experience, the LBX AI Experience aims to engage with a younger and social driven audience.

To start, users will be asked to log in to their Instagram accounts so the AI tool can analyse their posts’ aesthetics, personality, style, texture and colour palette. Then, it will generate a bespoke background visual to sit behind the LBX atmosphere suited to their style. Alternatively, if users don’t have an Instagram account, they can choose from a selection of images that will enable the tool to get more insights about their style.

Aligning with users’ one-of-a-kind style and personalities, millions of variations can be generated, so every piece of AI artwork is as unique as them. Once a piece of AI artwork has been generated, users can download and save it, as well as sharing it to their own social media profiles.

The LBX AI Experience showcases Lexus’ progress in innovative, customer-centric digital experiences. It’s a pioneering digital experience using a combination of AI and social media personalisation to generate truly bespoke visual artworks.

To access the LBX AI Experience, click here.

About the LBX

The LBX Self-Charging Hybrid combines a highly efficient 1.5-litre engine with a high-output electric motor. As the most compact Lexus SUV yet, but with the presence of a larger SUV, it sees no compromise in performance. Reinventing signature Lexus design features to create a premium casual vibe, experience the same Lexus premium standard with a fresh, new look. Find out more about the Everyday Extraordinary of the LBX here.