• To show how Lexus’ all-new LBX makes the ‘Everyday Extraordinary,’ Lexus is transforming a traditional Parisian bakery into an ‘Extraordinary Boulangerie’
  • Attendees will be treated to an exquisite selection of sensory and culinary experiences around pastry created by acclaimed Michelin-starred chef, Mory Sacko
  • The event will be held at La Verrière du Marais on the 23rd and the 24th of November
  • It is the fourth and final event in Lexus’ series of pan-European pop-up experiences ahead of the launch of LBX

To celebrate the launch of the all-new LBX - a landmark model for the brand - Lexus has held a series of immersive experiences across Europe throughout 2023. Each event focused on elevating ‘Everyday’ moments into the ‘Extraordinary.’ Following successful events in Milan, London and Madrid the series’ final iteration will be held in Paris - transforming the traditional corner bakery into an ‘Extraordinary Boulangerie.’

On the 23rd and the 24th of November, at La Verrière du Marais, 5 Rue Saint-Merri, Paris, 75004, Lexus is hosting the people of Paris for a moment to pause and recuperate from city life amidst the ultimate hospitality. Embodying the core Lexus value of ‘Omotenashi’ - the unparalleled hospitality at the heart of the brand - guests will be welcomed into a true culinary immersion, from its luxurious, curated menu down to the interiors and decoration of the expansive space.

Lexus is partnering with renowned chef Mory Sacko to bring the ‘Extraordinary Boulangerie’ to life. Mory Sacko will bring his revered touch to the event’s culinary experiences. 

The event will mimic the process of baking from the start to the end. Guests will move through the chapters of proving, baking and tasting before they see the plat du jour, where the all-new LBX will be plated up and surrounded by dynamic lights that match the 4 different colours of the LBX.

The highly Instagrammable proving cabinet will surround guests in a collection of effervescent bubbles that simulate the light and fluffy effect of proving in baking.

Next comes the baking stage, where guests will move through warm glows of light and calming ASMR sounds of crackling pastry will create an immersive, multi-sensorial experience.

Calling on Lexus’ proud Japanese heritage and Japan’s iconic cuisine, guests will be treated to a delectable choice of sweet and savoury foods that will be displayed on sushi conveyor belts.

The event will only be open for two days with a unique opportunity for guests to experience the LBX through a multimodal integration of sight, touch, smell and taste.

Tommaso Grassi, Head of Communication and Customer Experience at Lexus Europe, comments: “It has been wonderful to see the LBX philosophy brought to life throughout this year’s pop-up event series, as an innovative way to introduce the new model and all it stands for to our European audience. We are excited to round it off with our final event in Paris: this time focused on luxury culinary immersion. Partnering with the acclaimed Mory Sacko has been the perfect match, as he is the ultimate figure in contemporary French cuisine, naturally intertwining his passion for Japanese culture. I’m confident that our Parisian and international audience will truly feel how the LBX makes Everyday moments Extraordinary, through our reimagined boulangerie.”

About the LBX:

The all-new, all-hybrid electric LBX is the smallest Lexus yet, but fully deserving of its status as a landmark model, one which breaks down the traditional luxury hierarchy and which will be a game-changer for the brand in Europe. As a new shape within Lexus’ well-established SUV line-up, it offers strong appeal to a younger audience and those who may not have considered a Lexus before.

Learn more about the all-new Lexus LBX here.

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About Mory Sacko:

Mory Sacko opened his fine-dining restaurant,  MoSuke in 2020 - blending his love for Japan and its culture with French and African cuisine. In 2021, MoSuke was called out in the Michelin Guide and awarded his first star.






Image credit: Mory Sacko by Virginie Garnier