• Lexus Europe announces the winners of the 2017 Kiwami Award for excellence in customer service
  • Presentation ceremony hosted at INTERSECT by Lexus in Tokyo on June 14th

Lexus has rewarded 10 retailers from across Europe with its prestigious Kiwami Award for excellence, true to the principle of excellence in customer service that has defined the brand ever since its launch 27 years ago.

Spanning the continent from Spain and the UK in the west to Russia and Ukraine in the east, the winning businesses demonstrate how Lexus’ core principles of Omotenashi care and hospitality can be successfully applied in diverse markets.

Omotenashi, inspired by fine Japanese traditions, is founded an anticipating and fulfilling people’s needs and it is a key factor in every aspect of Lexus’ business. In all parts of the world, Lexus dealers give every customer the welcome, courtesy and attention they would extend to a guest in their own home.

In 2016 Lexus Europe set out to find and celebrate the best of the best among almost 300 retailers, measuring performance in terms of Omotenashi, their commitment to upholding Lexus standards and successful business results. In a two-stage judging process, 10 were selected to receive the Kiwami (“ultimate” in Japanese) Award.

Dealer Principals from the winning retailers were invited on a unique experience trip to Japan where their schedule included sailing in the powerful and luxurious Lexus Sports Yacht and a chance to enjoy first-hand the cultural traditions of Omotenashi. The trophy presentation took place at Lexus’ brand showcase, INTERSECT by Lexus, in Tokyo.

The Lexus Kiwami Award was created to recognise the commitment of our top retail partners to our five-star standards, providing an exceptional Omotenashi guest experience and achieving overall business success. The winners have succeeded admirably, with visionary leadership and teams that are clearly focused on anticipating and understanding the needs of customers
Alain Uyttenhoven, Vice President Lexus Europe



Being placed among the top 10 is an honour for us that brings with it a responsibility to maintain the high standard we have achieved. I and everyone in the Lexus Astana team are very pleased with this recognition for our work, but most importantly we are grateful for the trust our customers place in us, both when they purchase a vehicle and when they put their cars in the trust of our workshop.
Ruslan Kamzin, Director, Lexus Astana


We are very proud, as this Award strengthens us in our belief that we are on the right track and that customers value our efforts. We have been an official Lexus dealer since the brand was launched in Europe in 1990 and winning the Award is a great acknowledgement for all the efforts we have made over the last 27 years. Every employee in our company has a passion for customer service and will do all they can to give the customer an exceptional experience, every time. Whether it is the purchase of a new or used Lexus, or maintenance requirements, at Lexus Breda we always aim to make it special experience.
Ferrie de Nerée, Business Manager, Lexus Breda


The customers are our boss and we owe them everything – without them our business would not mean anything. We do everything we can to make them feel at home from the moment they enter our dealership.
David Gaist, Dealer Principal, Lexus Caen


This year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary and in all our years of business we have been aware that we are not just engaged in selling excellent, high-quality cars, but that we represent an exceptional brand. We understand that we can add value to the brand, by using Lexus’ Omotenashi hospitality to deliver an amazing experience for the customer. By treating each customer with an individual approach and car, we are able to create long-term relationships, strengthening their confidence in Lexus, and in our dealership. To achieve these goals we apply Kaizen, the Japanese principle of constant improvement.
Andrii Garbarenko, General Director, Lexus City Plaza


The Kiwami Award means a lot to us: it’s a reward for the efforts we put into our work and it will translate into a positive change for the future, inspiring us to set new goals and making us aware that we can still do better.

The Lexus brand is the flagship of our long-standing business and it’s a brand that we have trusted from the beginning, even when it was unfamiliar to customers. For us, Lexus is synonymous with uniqueness and quality, a prestigious brand for those who value distinctiveness and excellence, and who share a philosophy based on trust and people. We are proud to represent Lexus and we work every day to reach our goals, sharing the values for which the brand is renowned. We have been honoured with several awards, but this one makes us prouder than ever and will give us the confidence to do even better.
Tarcisio Riva, Dealer Principal, Lexus Como


The Snows Group is exceptionally proud to be the first UK centre to receive the prestigious Kiwami Award. This accolade bears testimony to the passion and dedication of the team in delivering a class-leading experience for all out customers and new visitors who come into contact with Lexus Hedge End. The whole team are dedicated to continuously improving our customers’ experiences and are focused on delivering the highest level of personalised service in every customer interaction.
Alex Domone, Group Director, Lexus Hedge End


It’s a great honour for me and all our team to be included among the top 10 Lexus retailers in Europe. The Kiwami Award confirms that we providing our customers with the highest quality service, an achievement that shows how everyone at Lexus Kraków is engaging with the philosophy of Omotenashi – all day, every day. My thanks go to the judging panel that gave us the Award, but I must also thank all the Lexus Kraków crew for such excellent and successful application of Omotenashi to the way we do business with our customers. The Award will give us the motivation to improve the quality of customer service and satisfaction even further.
Michal Akszak-Okińczyc, Dealer Principal, Lexus Kraków


Each customer is special for us and our aim is to provide them with most comfortable and hospitable service every day. The impression we make is made up of small individual things: smiles, care, attention to detail, compliance with arrangements and much more. There are more than 100 people in our team and every one contributes and understands the importance of their work in achieving a common goal. We are very pleased to receive the 2017 Kiwami Award, which is a confirmation that we are doing everything right. We are proud of achievements and will continued maintain high standards in the service we deliver by giving our customers an exceptional Omotenashi experience.
Liliya Dymova, Director, Lexus Levoberezhniy


There are several reasons why we have received the Kiwami Award, including the fact that we have dared and been determined to be the best of the best. We have also worked with enthusiasm to focus on making ‘happy customers’ and we have been prepared to recognise any mistakes we make and commit ourselves to always wanting to do things better.
Miguel de Sendagorta, Dealer Principal, Lexus Madrid


At Lexus Warszawa-Wola we have applied Omotenashi as a set of rules and behaviours with which we can maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. It also gives us a set of principles that ensures every employee understands how important it is to anticipate the needs of others. The Kiwami Award represents my personal commitment to keep the highest quality in the services we provide, and the importance of putting the customer first for everyone at our dealership.
Tomasz Zakrrzewski, Dealer Principal, Lexus Warszawa-Wola