• Lexus leads the way in Dutch car reliability assessment
  • Results reaffirm Lexus’ worldwide reputation for reliability
  • Customer peace-of-mind supported by a five-year warranty on every new Lexus
  • First all-electric Lexus, the UX 300e, comes with a battery pack warranty for up to 15 years/1 million kilometres1

The Netherlands consumer association – the Consumentenbond – has named Lexus the country’s most reliable car brand after the manufacturer took the number one ranking in its 2020 survey.

Lexus achieved an average score of 8.8 in the 2020 study into the reliability of cars up to 10 years old. The results were based on the responses of more than 8,000 owners of vehicles from 27 different brands to questions about any defects they had experienced and how serious the incident was.

Respondents had three options to choose from: the issue made the car undrivable; the car had to be taken to a garage promptly for a repair; or the repair could be postponed to a convenient date. The data revealed Lexus models to be the least likely to suffer a breakdown, with the CT model performing best of all in the range with a score of 9.4.

World-renowned reliability

Lexus’ leading position in the survey has been rewarded with the designation “Most Reliable Brand 2020,” valid for one year. The result is the latest in a series of reliability accolades that include being rated the most reliable brand by What Car? magazine in the UK, which singled out the RX and NX SUVs for particular praise. Earlier this year, the Lexus ES sedan achieved the highest score ever recorded in the reliability study conducted by the leading American agency J.D. Power.

Quality guaranteed

Lexus quality and reliability are genuinely guaranteed, with every new model covered by a five-year/200,000-kilometre2 warranty as standard. Lexus’ first all-electric model the UX 300e, is available with a warranty for the battery pack for up to 15 years or 1 million kilometres1.

Lasting value

Lexus is world-famous for the build quality and reliability of its vehicles, fundamental values that are supported by the highest levels of customer service. The Dutch consumer association’s survey shows how the trust the brand enjoys in the market is justified. Lexus drivers can expect many kilometres of safe, secure and carefree driving and also benefit from higher residual values for their car when the time comes to change to a new model.


The full survey results can be found at www.consumentenbond.nl/automankementen.

1 The standard factory warranty on the UX 300e battery pack is eight years or 160,000 km, whichever comes first. An additional warranty on the battery can be renewed annual when the car is serviced at a Lexus dealership. Extensions may continue up to the 15th year or 1,000,000 km.

2 Warranty details may vary per market, please contact your local PR representative for the details.