Lexus Design Event 2018 LIMITLESS CO - EXISTENCE

Press kit

Can you imagine a world where individuals can understand, respect and care about each other without exceptions?

We can.

Let us harness the power of design and innovation to shine the light on everyone, so that not a single person is left in the shadow and remove the barriers to exploring our true potential.

At Lexus, we believe design is a catalyst for change, for empowerment and for inclusiveness.

It is a powerful force that can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, and reveal to humanity that with “CO-” the possibilities are limitless.



”CO-” is a Latin prefix meaning with or together in harmony.

At Lexus, we seek the harmonious coexistence of nature and society through sustainable design.

“CO-” is an approach that allows us to explore our potential and that of our environment by creating new possibilities through collaboration, coordination, connection, and the like.

Let “CO-” inspire you to conceive a better world.

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