Global sales for January–December 2019 marked a new annual record high of 765,330 units (a 10% increase from the previous year). In addition to the well-received UX and redesigned ES, which were introduced in 2018, and the popular RX, which underwent a partial redesign in August 2019, the growth of the luxury market in China helped drive overall sales.

Lexus is the global leader in sales of electrified vehicles in the premium market, having delivered about 250,000 hybrid vehicles to customers in 2019, and 1.7 million since the launch of the first Lexus hybrid model, the RX 400h in 2005.

January – December 2019 sales results by main regions:

  • North America 324,667 +0%
  • China 201,783 +25%
  • Europe 87,206 +14%
  • Japan 62,394 +13%
  • East Asia 34,419 +8%
  • Middle East 32,421 +8%

Comment from Lexus International President Koji Sato:

” I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to each and every Lexus customer around the world. From the time of our founding, we at Lexus have been earnestly pursuing the spirit of innovation and untiring evolution, and we will continue to take up the challenge of building vehicles that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Looking forward, based on our ‘Lexus Electrified’ vision, we will expand our lineup of electrified vehicles, starting with the launch of our first BEV production model, the UX300e. We will further evolve the Lexus DNA to achieve the ideal balance of ride comfort and quietness with driver confidence and engagement. By applying advanced Lexus technologies such as the integrated control of drive power, learned over many years developing electric motor control technologies in our hybrid vehicles, we will provide an inspiring and enjoyable driving experience unique to Lexus.”

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