• 19 million tons cumulative reduction in CO2 emissions since 2005
  • Lexus’ first plug-in hybrid model to be launched in 2021, followed by a completely new, dedicated all-electric model in 2022
  • More than 10 electrified models to be launched by 2025
  • Carbon neutrality throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle to be achieved by 2050

Lexus announced today that it has eclipsed the milestone of 2 million global sales of electrified vehicles at the end of April 2021. Since 2005, Lexus electrified vehicles have contributed to a cumulative reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 19 million tons.

Since the launch of the RX400h in 2005, Lexus has been a pioneer of electrification in the luxury market, and the models have continued to evolve on the mission of balancing excellent driving performance with environmental sensitivity. Lexus has continued to expand its line-up of electrified vehicles to provide a wide range of options tailored to meet the needs of our customers and society. Based on a philosophy of "right time, right product, right place", Lexus hopes to further develop its electrified product portfolio to best respond to a varied range of energy sources and infrastructure environments encountered around the world.

As a result, Lexus now sells nine models of electrified vehicles, including hybrid vehicles and all-electric vehicles, in approximately 90 countries and regions around the world. Globally, electrified vehicles represented 33% of Lexus 2020 sales. In Western and Central Europe, the share is even higher, at 96%.

Lexus will continue to lead the steady growth of electrified vehicles and the reduction of CO2 emissions in line with our corporate mission of carbon neutrality and Sustainable Development Goals.

Under the “Lexus Electrified” vision announced in 2019, Lexus will evolve its electrification technology to realize enhanced vehicle performance characteristics and continue to provide customers with the fun and joy that the car brings.

By 2025, Lexus will introduce 20 new or improved models, including more than 10 electrified models (all-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and self-charging hybrid vehicles). That year is also the target for the brand to offer electrified vehicle options across the entire Lexus product range. Lexus also expects that by 2025, electrified models will represent more than 50% of the brand’s global sales.

In addition, by 2050, Lexus aims to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle such as materials, parts, and vehicle manufacturing along with logistics, driving, and disposal/recycling.

In order to further accelerate the spread of electrified vehicles, Lexus plans to introduce its first PHEV in a Lexus mass-market model in 2021, and a completely new, dedicated all-electric model in 2022.

In addition, by utilizing the electrification technologies such as motors, inverters, and batteries that Lexus has cultivated over the years in the field of HEVs, we will create new values and driving experience unique to Lexus electrified vehicles.

Future Lexus electrified models will feature DIRECT4 and steer-by-wire systems. DIRECT4, our four-wheel-drive torque distribution technology, combines highly precise drive force control with responsive steer-by-wire systems that greatly enhance vehicle reflexes, resulting in a high level of dynamic performance and a driving experience that appeals to all five senses that is unmatched by conventional cars.

Lexus will continue to promote all possible initiatives for the realization of a sustainable society, while at the same time pursuing both the fun and enjoyment of cars. Lexus will endeavour to develop vehicles tailored to diversifying customers’ needs.


Reference: cumulative sales of electrified vehicles from 2005 to the end of April 2021

Global: 2.02 million units,

US: 540 thousand units

Europe: 480 thousand units

Japan: 400 thousand units

China: 387 thousand units

East Asia: 138 thousand units

Others: 74 thousand units

By model:

RX 518 thousand units,

ES 384 thousand units,

CT 372 thousand units,

NX 285 thousand units,

UX/UXEV 137 thousand units,

IS/LS/RC/LC and others 324 thousand units