London, United Kingdom - Last night, Hollywood actor and producer Jude Law starred alongside an elite cast of actors from the world of immersive theatre, in an exclusive interactive show.

The 14-scene odyssey, held at London’s Tom Dixon designed Mondrian hotel and a secret underground bank vault, allowed 100 guests to take centre-stage in the performance and become the star of their very own personalised show. These unwitting participants were catapulted into a live theatrical manifestation of ‘The Life RX’ - a multi-sensorial world of luxury, excitement and thrills, as depicted in the latest TV advert for the new 2016 Lexus RX, which also stars Jude Law.

Each room brought with it new scenarios and unexpected experiences that required guests to improvise in their new persona as an international movie star, whilst the rest of the cast had been fully prepped to work around their specific personalities. The ultimate bespoke performance.

The guests’ new role then took a dramatic turn as award-winning stage and screen legend - and immersive theatre fan - Jude Law surprised them by sharing their ‘red-carpet scene’ finale to the production.

Designed to celebrate the luxury credentials of the new Lexus RX, each carefully crafted scene was inspired by elements of the sharply styled best selling SUV and the extraordinary lifestyle depicted in its TV advert. This creative premise propelled the guests into a multitude of ‘film star’ scenarios, each designed to stimulate the senses in ever more sophisticated ways.

Propelled from one exhilarating scene to the next, en-route guests were laser-guided through underground bank vaults, crawled through giant speakers inspired by Woodstock Sound Engineer, Mark Levinson’s premium acoustics systems, bundled into Lexus RX’s to escape their pursuers, and asked to ride incognito in a customized luxury luggage trolley!

Our stars’ gastronomy skills were tested by a perfectionist, personal chef. Their ‘on-screen presence’ was questioned by cinemas’ media elite. And gaggles of adoring fans threw themselves at our stars during the premier of their very-own movie.

They were even in-demand as fashion muses. Luxury British tailor, Joshua Kane, (playing himself in the production) begged our stars to wear one of his unique creations for the forthcoming awards season. In creating the garment he had used the same expert craftsmanship and hand-stitched techniques seen in the interior of the luxury SUV.

Speaking about the event, Jude Law said: “Immersive theatre is a medium that has interested me for a while now. This is an experience where the audience is in the driving seat, and are taken into an incredibly magical world - having filmed the Life RX ad, being thrust into that world was something I wanted to be a part of. I had a lot of fun and hope everyone who came enjoyed it as much as we did creating it.”

Spiros Fotinos, Head of Marketing at Lexus Europe said: "With ‘The Life RX’ campaign we expressed an attitude that resonates with the modern luxury consumer. Luxury is not only about having the option to do something but actually having the courage to do it and make it your own. This is exactly what we did by staging an unprecedented immersive theatre experience and what we enabled our guests to do. All went through the same 14 scenes but they each experienced something unique and amazing. This bespoke approach reflects the spirit of the Lexus brand and fits perfectly with the bold and innovative character of the new RX."

The event was meticulously produced and directed by an A-list team including the Creative Director of London’s Old Vic Tunnels, Hamish Jenkinson, the Performance Director behind many Secret Cinema classics, Simon Evans, the Sound and Graphic designer from smash-hit immersive experience Punch Drunk, Stephen Dobbie, ‘The Railway Children’s’ award winning Set and Costume Designer, Joanna Scotcher, Moschino and Beyonce Lighting Designer, Tupac Martir and many of the cast from cult immersive theatre shows such as ‘You Me Bum Bum Train’.

‘The Life RX’ immersive experience will be further brought to life using pioneering 360 filming techniques, hidden cameras were placed throughout the experience to allow those who couldn’t attend on the night to enjoy this one off performance at home.

Pictures of the event will be available on February 10 as from 8.30AM CET on Lexus Newsroom: www.newsroom.lexus.eu

‘The Life RX’ TV advert can be found at: