• New Predictive Efficient Drive optimises Lexus Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles to achieve more fuel-efficient driving.
  • Analysis of driving habits combines with real-time traffic information to maximise energy recovery and electrified driving, to reduce engine - and fuel - usage.
  • Ongoing data collection allows Predictive Efficient Drive to become increasingly effective, constantly learning and improving fuel economy.
  • System launched in new NX Hybrids and Plug-in Hybrids with embedded Lexus Link Pro prior to future introduction in other models.

In line with its long-standing commitment to electrification, the new Predictive Efficient Drive technology from Lexus works in tandem with Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) systems to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Over the past 18 years, Lexus has electrified the premium class and now boasts a range dominated by low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicles featuring self-charging Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid technology.

As well as delivering the well-established benefits of electrified vehicles, such as their smooth ride, dynamic performance, reassuring reliability and low maintenance costs, Lexus actively supports customers to get the most from this technology for the benefit of drivers and the wider world.

With the help of the Lexus Link app, selected Lexus Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles with embedded navigation systems will be able to learn a driver’s regular routes and driving style, whilst simultaneously looking ahead via live traffic data to anticipate ways to save fuel. More economical driving is automatically and seamlessly achieved by optimising the charging and discharging of the battery on Hybrid models, and the use of full-electric or Hybrid modes on PHEV vehicles.

Navigation system data helps Predictive Efficient Drive identify regular locations for sudden deceleration, where regenerative braking can automatically be increased to maximise energy recovery. During navigation, when upcoming traffic is noted, the system proactively charges the battery to reduce future engine use when traffic flow slows or stops. Additionally, the technology analyses upcoming traffic and road conditions, such as up/downhill or urban/highway sections, and seamlessly adjusts battery charging and discharging for lower fuel consumption.

The smart system becomes increasingly effective during usage, so as the number of kilometres driven increases, so does the volume of data at its disposal, which is then used to make ever more efficient use of the vehicle’s electrified powertrain.

Predictive Efficient Drive made its debut in the latest Lexus NX Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid models with embedded Lexus Link Pro navigation and is expected to be rolled out to other models in the future.