The urban landscape will alter dramatically to face the challenges of the future

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The world’s major cities are set to change rapidly to meet the demands of a more sustainable, localised way of living, with many metropolitan centres already getting ahead of the game. Consumers are moving to second-tier and suburban areas in greater numbers, and many communities are launching initiatives encouraging national migration, such as Portugal’s Rural Move and Spain’s COCEDER. According to the Lexus report The Art of Feeling More, while urban living is predicted to increase as a whole, almost half of Europe’s Functional Urban Areas (a city and its commuter belt) will actually lose population, with 10% of cities losing more than a quarter of their population by 2050.

In response to this trend, many cities are prioritising improving the urban experience, creating a series of ‘mini-cities’ that are focussed on a localised approach. Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, is a champion of the 15-minute city, self-sufficient communities with close-by amenities within the French capital that can help reduce travel, stress and pollution. Sweden is going even further, trialling city block designs for the concept of a one-minute city, with walking and cycling given heavy precedence over driving.

There are moments where the hyper local approach might struggle to provide amenities. However, this doesn’t mean that the ethos need take a back seat. The all-new Lexus NX’s driver-focused cockpit, built with the Tazuna cockpit philosophy, creates the perfect place to unwind. The Quiet Cabin Experience gives drivers and passengers the ultimate opportunity for calm and relaxation, while the 14-inch multimedia screen - the largest in the segment - offers the driver a fast, intuitive experience with the smoothness of a tablet, creating a connection with a car that is built with comfort and relaxation in mind.

The NX has also been designed with more than 17 years of electrified leadership behind the wheel. The new PHEV model offers dynamic performance and efficiency, with more than 64km of EV range, ideal for silent, emissions-free travel during city breaks. And the refined, 4th generation hybrid electric vehicle promises more power while providing greater fuel efficiency, reducing consumption and pollution in one go.

The Art of Feeling More report is available online at https://www.lexus.eu/discover-lexus//lexus-news/lexus-stories/the-art-of-feeling-more/#hero.

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