After a year surrounded by walls, people are ready to embrace the great outdoors

Floriane de Lassée

The coming year will be the year of “little adventures”. According to the Lexus report The Art of Feeling More, our approach to exploration has changed, with a much stronger focus on hyper-local day-tripping. This, coupled with our desire to be surrounded by nature, means that we’ve found plenty of off-the-beaten-path, secret spots right on our doorsteps, away from crowds but much closer to home than we’d have ever expected.

Award-winning French photographer Floriane de Lassée has discovered how much her local area offers, especially for her creativity: “Being at home over the last 18 months, I discovered the wonders of the surrounding forest. I’ve lived in the same place for 40 years and hardly knew it. The forest is not a direct source of inspiration, but a way that allows the brain to disconnect and find peace, so that deep thinking can take place.

The desire to ‘get away from it all’ looks set to stick around for a long time to come. In a survey conducted by Destination Analysis in 2020, 57% of those asked said they planned on avoiding crowded places other next trip, and 40% said they’d consider camping, renting a motorhome and remote destinations.

Floriane believes that a distinction needs to be made between a break and travel: “People often confuse taking a vacation and travel - I always take my vacation in France! I think taking your vacation locally will be a big trend. The car will become a symbol of freedom for this kind of local or European trip.”

Getting to the best destinations requires the best transport, and the all-new Lexus NX's driver-focused cockpit, built with the Tazuna cockpit philosophy, creates the perfect experience for those looking to escape from the outside world and capitalise on some ever-elusive me-time”. The Quiet Cabin Experience gives drivers and passengers the ultimate opportunity for calm and relaxation, while the Head-Up Display creates a feeling of companionship and connection with a car that is built with comfort and relaxation in mind.

The Art of Feeling More report is available online at https://www.lexus.eu/discover-lexus//lexus-news/lexus-stories/the-art-of-feeling-more/#hero

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