The chance of taking a trip to space might be a lot closer than you think

NX Hero angles shots without talent

From a world without travel, to travel out of this world: after a year of being confined to our homes, we’re on the lookout for new challenges and experiences as the world begins to reopen. According to the Lexus report The Art of Feeling More, one such adventure is the journey to space – projected to be the next frontier in travel, space tourism is forecast to be worth €2.5bn by 2030 and is set to ignite a new quest for extreme, once-impossible sensations such as true zero gravity.

The ramifications for traditional long-haul flights are huge. By exiting the earth’s atmosphere, rockets would be able to slice flight times for passengers with point to point journeys. A trip to Australia could take about the same time as a drive to the shops.

Back on the ground, space-age technology is also more attainable than ever, especially when it comes to driving. The Lexus NX offers sharper steering with a redesigned steering wheel, and new, ergonomically advanced accelerator and brake pedals for a more comfortable drive. The unique Lexus Driving Signature offers an experience that is entirely obedient to the drivers intentions – a seamless transition from braking to steering and acceleration through a corner. Advanced aerodynamics and a lower centre of gravity make you the centre of the action, immediately connecting you to the car and providing an exhilarating driving experience.

Add this to the NX’s Lexus Safety System+ and the all-new e-Latch one touch electronic door release system, which set a new benchmark for active safety and driver assistance, and you have a car that utilises the most cutting-edge technology to ensure the protection of those in and around the car. Thanks to its safety system’s camera, radar and control unit, the NX offers a smooth and easy automated parking function, and a memory feature for spaces the driver uses most often. It’s important that the all-new NX, like all technology, must first and foremost remain at the service of humans to ensure a comfortable, effective and safe experience.

The Art of Feeling More report is available online at https://www.lexus.eu/discover-lexus//lexus-news/lexus-stories/the-art-of-feeling-more/#hero

Learn more about the new NX in https://www.lexus.eu/car-models/all-new-nx/