• Iconic 1920s Barcelona Pavilion in the heart of the city plays host to the All-New Lexus RZ in the brand’s latest campaign
  • Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the location reflects the elevated, creative lifestyle that is core to Lexus
  • While the brand has a reputation for technological innovation, this campaign leaves the data behind, highlighting the feel of the drive

Today, Lexus reveals its campaign for the launch of the All-New RZ, surrounded by the iconic architecture of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion.

Mies is hailed as one of the leading lights of modernist architecture, creating work that ranged from elaborate office towers to minimalist domestic spaces. ‘Less is more’ is a quote often attributed to Mies. However, his buildings offer far more than stark minimalism: he is known for creating harmonious spaces, bringing together his passion for rich texture and materials to shine a light on the small but impactful details of a space. Mies’ approach to design is mirrored in the RZ’s interior: less ornamentation creates expansive feelings, refined with premium materials.

The Barcelona Pavilion, which Mies designed in 1929 for the World Fair, was a peaceful, flowing space with rich marble walls and unique, custom-designed furniture. Located in the heart of a city renowned for its striking architecture, the Pavillion sets the perfect stage for the launch of a car that brings the power of personal luxury to all that get behind the wheel.

The All-New RZ is the first-ever dedicated Lexus Battery Electric Vehicle, built completely from the ground up, with technology and design at its core. Every element of the RZ has been carefully considered and optimised, through the lens of the Omotenashi philosophy of unparalleled hospitality, to ensure the most luxurious and enjoyable EV experience possible.

While the luxury car manufacturer’s first dedicated BEV is rooted in data and technology, the All-New RZ offers more than its expert engineering: an unrivalled driving experience. Centring on how the feeling of the drive is everything, the TVC follows a man at home in the Pavilion. He is surrounded by luxury items all discerningly chosen for both their elegance and high-tech capabilities, represented by data overlaid as text on the film.

As the man steps into the Lexus RZ on the driveway and begins his journey, the data is stripped away from the film, capturing that the feeling of the drive is everything.

The RZ encapsulates the advanced craftsmanship and considered design of the Lexus brand and elevates this to a new standard in premium driving experience. Every individual element of the vehicle has been carefully designed and brought together to create a whole new level of luxury, developed under the Lexus Driving Signature philosophy of Confidence, Control, and Comfort: engineered to set a new benchmark in terms of premium driving experience.

The RZ retains all of the signature qualities of performance and craftsmanship associated with Lexus, paired with great acceleration and an exhilarating driving experience, thanks to the Lexus-first combination of e-Axles and DIRECT4 all-wheel drive torque control.

In many of the same ways that the architects behind the Barcelona Pavilion considered every stone, joist, and fabric that they used to bring together the iconic final construction, the Lexus RZ is the bringing together of thousands of tiny but crucial elements of technology, craftsmanship and design to create the ultimate in luxury EV vehicles.

The new Lexus RZ campaign is available to view online at Lexus RZ | Lexus Europe and includes a television commercial, OOH advertising, digital advertising, CRM and social media content.




The Drive is Everything