Developed for exciting driving in the city, the new all-electric Lexus UX 300e urban crossover showcases 15 years of Lexus expertise in electrified vehicles alongside a host of novel exterior and interior features.

Painstaking attention to detail is everywhere in the UX 300e, as our collection of just some of the amazing facts surrounding this crossover illustrates. Together they help bring to life the innovation, precise engineering and exquisite craftsmanship that make this car a special one.

Aerodynamic details

The UX 300e boasts an array of innovative aerodynamic features which enhance its performance, quietness and range. The front lower grille shutters open and close automatically depending on cooling requirements, lowering drag to just 0.31. The rear combination light reduces air pressure changes by about 16 per cent, contributing to rear stability during cornering and in side winds. As well as protecting the bodywork against gravel, the wheel arches improve handling thanks to a step incorporated at the top of the moulding that suppresses vertical body waver during cornering. Aero ventilating wheels feature aerodynamic spoke flaps similar in shape to the ‘Gurney flap’ installed on F1 race cars to regulate airflow.

Larger luggage space

Compromised luggage and interior space are a reality with many electric cars. Thanks to clever packaging, with the compact lithium-ion battery installed below the rear seats and under the cabin floor, the boot on the new UX 300e is actually bigger than that of the UX 250h and rear passengers enjoy almost the same headroom.

Heated rear seats which help extend range

The UX 300e features heated rear seats, which, alongside the sense of luxury they bring to passengers, have a positive impact on battery range by reducing the need for air conditioning.

‘Sashiko’ stitching on leather seats

The UX 300e sports leather seat upholstery inspired by ‘sashiko’, a traditional Japanese stitching technique used to apply protective quilting to judo and kendo uniforms. For a visual effect reflecting the crossover’s front signature grille, Lexus craftspeople stitch along mathematical curves aligned with the perforation pattern and the seat ventilation outlets. The result is a sophisticated fusion of art and functionality.

The science of door sounds

As the driver’s first point of contact with a car, Lexus acoustic engineers collaborated with neural scientists to arrive at the ultimate car door sound. Based on research into the brain waves created when a car door closes, the team selected bespoke materials and adjusted the door shape by tenths of a millimetre to produce a satisfying, reassuring tone. To ensure just the right closing sound, Lexus’ ‘Takumi’ craftspeople listen to and adjust each UX door in a ‘Quiet Room’ facility before the car leaves the Kyushu plant where it is built.

Wireless illuminated vent controls

On UX 300e Luxury grade models, illuminated vent controls house a wireless LED light source powered by electrical induction. This advanced yet elegant detail helps the driver or front seat passenger find the vent control in the dark. Additionally, it also creates a comforting sense of depth, even though the illuminated knob is only 3 mm in diameter.

Windscreen wipers which pause for passengers

The wiper system on the UX 300e is one of the most innovative of its kind, equipped not only with an automatic sensor but with the ability to slow down gradually so as not to impair driver concentration. Underlying the Lexus spirit of ‘Omotenashi’ (Japanese for ‘hospitality and polite service’), the wipers automatically stop when a door opens to prevent guests entering or exiting the car from being splashed.

Precision-assembled tailgate

To ensure its smooth operation, each UX 300e tailgate and tailgate opening is measured at around 200 different reference points prior to assembly. The digital measuring equipment employed even allows for minute differences in temperature and humidity. Based on this data, skilled Lexus craftspeople are then able to adjust each UX tailgate to fit exactly, ensuring it will operate perfectly for many years to come.

The Lexus UX 300e will be introduced to selected markets in Europe by the end of the year.