• New multimedia system with large touchscreen and greater functionality
  • New cabin colour schemes
  • New exterior paintwork colours
  • Suspension and body changes sharpen the driving experience
  • More capabilities with Lexus Safety System +
  • Exclusive rear wing, bodywork colour, and styling details for the Ultimate Edition

Wide-ranging revisions have been made to Lexus’ flagship LC models for the 2024 Model Year. These improve the cabin’s ambience, comfort, and convenience; enhance the driving experience; and increase the visual presence of the Special Edition called “Ultimate Edition”.

Changes have been made to all five variants of the LC – the LC 500 Coupé and LC 500 Convertible, both powered by a naturally aspirated 5.0-litre V8; the Ultimate Editions of the Coupé and Convertible, both also powered by the V8; and the LC 500h Coupé with its 3.5-litre V6 self-charging hybrid powertrain.

The LC Ultimate Edition goes into production in September 2023, all other LC models in May 2023.


New multimedia system and connectivity features

For the 2024 Model Year the LC gets a new multimedia system which has a bigger screen, is easier to use, has greater functionality, and faster-responding to commands. In place of the previous system’s 10-inch screen, operated by touchpad controls in the central console, there is now a high-definition 12.3-inch touchscreen. For ease of use, the screen is placed 86 mm closer to the driver.

One additional functionality of the multimedia system is voice recognition, through which the driver or front-seat passenger can make spoken commands to the “Hey Lexus” on-board assistant. This can respond to about 100 different commands (depending on model) – for example, to operate climate controls, search the internet, and connect to phone calls. Up to three users can save their own customized settings on the system for navigation, audio, driving position, and safety warnings.

Smartphones integrate with the multimedia system via Apple CarPlay with a wireless or wired connection, and via Android Auto with a wired connection. And by using the Lexus Link smartphone app, the doors can be locked or unlocked remotely and the air conditioning or heating set before getting into the car.   

Another additional functionality is cloud-based navigation with real-time road and traffic information, making it easier to plan journeys and re-route if necessary. Other helpful journey-related information, such as local fuel prices and parking locations, can be accessed from the cloud by using “Hey Lexus”. If cloud connection should be unavailable, there is also embedded navigation in the touchscreen.

Now that the multimedia touchpad has been removed, the switches on the central console have been rearranged in an easier-to-use longitudinal layout. The console also features an aluminium knob for the sound system (complemented by the touchscreen controls) which is easily accessible to both front-seat occupants. The console’s rear storage space accommodates a 12-volt accessory socket, USB C-port for device charging, and USB A-port for playback of high-resolution sound sources.

To playback high-resolution sound, the speakers have been changed in the rear seatbacks and instrument panel sides. A 13-speaker Mark Levison Surround Sound System, which compares well to a high-quality home audio system, is provided as standard. 

Two new interior colour schemes 

The cabins of both the LC Convertible and the LC Coupé are now additionally offered with a Blue & White two-tone colour scheme, expressive of elegance and spaciousness, and a DK. Rose colour scheme for a sporty atmosphere. Blue & White features blue highlights for the steering wheel, shift knob, lower door trim, and front scuff plates. DK. Rose contrasts dark black with rich red seats, central console, instrument panel, and lower door handle trim.

There are other detail changes to the LC’s cabin: the passenger-side facia, previously acrylic, now matches the instrument panel upholstery; there are new choices in seat materials; and the scuff plates in Sport Package models are now made of lightweight carbon.

New paintwork choices and wheels

Two new paintwork colours have been introduced for the bodywork of both the Coupé and the Convertible. Heat Blue Contrast Layering is a clear, pure blue with strongly contrasting highlights and shading which gives the LC’s beautiful body a sense of depth. Sonic Copper is a chromatic colour with a rich reddish hue under sunlight which deepens as the light dims.

In another change, the exterior mirror housing on all LC models is now equipped as standard with a Panoramic View Monitor camera. Reshaping the mirror housing slightly has further reduced wind noise and suppresses wind separation for improved aerodynamics.

All models are now offered with three new forged wheels: 20-inch with super gloss black metallic coating, 21-inch with a 3D machined finish, and 21-inch with a two-tone black and hyper-chrome finish. 

Lexus Safety System + gets more capabilities

For all LC models, more capabilities have been added to Lexus Safety System +, which helps prevent accidents and enhances driver situational awareness.

The Pre-Collision System (PCS), which previously monitored vehicles and pedestrians ahead of the car, now also has daytime bicyclist detection. Intersection Turning Assist helps the driver make safer left and right turns across traffic at intersections. Emergency Steering Assist automatically makes small corrective inputs to the steering wheel, when enabled, to help prevent unintentional lane departure. Road Sign Assist can quickly reset vehicle speed according to speed limit information. And the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, which regulates the car’s speed to the vehicle in front, now also has Curve Speed Reduction to automatically adjust the vehicle’s speed according to bend radius.


Enhanced driving refinement

It was with the LC that the “Lexus driving Signature” was born, emphasising the importance of the driver feeling directly connected to the car. This philosophy has since been applied to the development of all other Lexus models – and was once again adhered to rigorously when refining the LC for the 2024 Model Year.

Changes have been made to the suspension’s coil springs, shock absorber tuning, rear suspension member, stabilizer spring rates, under-body braces, steering column and steering gearbox fastening, and axle hub bearing and wheel fastening. The front engine mounts have also been revised and the time gap reduced between vehicle body and powertrain movement. The result of these incremental improvements is sharper steering response and enhanced ground contact feel.

Additionally, the brake-by-wire system is re-tuned for braking with a more natural and seamless feel. And the 10-speed automatic transmission’s shift control has also been fine-tuned, to better-anticipate the driver’s intentions in D mode. The automatic now also provides more sporting driving characteristics in SPORT S and SPORT S+ modes. SPORT S+ gives a more manual-like driving experience in D, selects the gear for optimum acceleration and deceleration, and performs downshifts when braking.

For track driving, the V8-powered Coupé and Convertible now offer an Expert mode which turns off the traction control, allowing drivers to slide the vehicle.

Also to improve driving performance, the LC 500h Coupé’s lithium-ion battery for the Multi Stage Hybrid system now has higher-capacity cells. This delivers power more quickly, enhancing responsiveness and acceleration feel.  

Body styling gives the Ultimate Edition a powerful presence

Ultimate Edition models of the V8-powered LC Coupé and LC Convertible are distinguished by a more exclusive, honed performance image and a specially tuned engine.

The Ultimate Edition’s Hakugin White paintwork has an elegant matte finish, inspired by Lexus sport line up symbolized by the Lexus LFA. This unique effect – sealed in by a satin lacquer topcoat – contrasts with black bodywork ornamentation. Black appears at the front of the car on the radiator grille and moulding, headlamp surrounds and washer cover, bumper garnish, and outer mirrors. Black appears at the rear on the lamp cover, bracket, lower bumper garnish, and exhaust baffle. 

In a world first, the front bumper integrates incrementally-formed canards, an aerodynamic device seen in aviation and auto-racing. These enhance handling and stability by regulating airflow along the bumper sides and reducing lift at the front of the vehicle.

Another, more clearly visible aerodynamic feature is the Coupé’s black carbon rear wing. This applies aerodynamic expertise from air racing – further evidence of how Lexus has taken inspiration from its association with Japanese aerobatic and race pilot Yoshihide “Yoshi” Muroya, the 2017 Red Bull Air Race World Champion.

Just as the black bodywork ornamentation contrasts with the Hakugin White paintwork, so too does the Ultimate Edition’s Kachi-Blue interior – a colour considered auspicious in Japan since ancient times, when the threads used for samurai armour were a shade of bluish-black known as kachi-iro (“winning colour”). The Ultimate Edition’s cabin is also differentiated by the presentation of the car’s serial number on an aluminium plate in front of the shift knob, Alcantara on the console and door trim, and scuff plates printed with the words “Limited Edition”.

Another Ultimate Edition difference is under the hood: the engine is Takumi (master craftsman) -tuned for smoother rotation feel, high-quality sound, and enhanced acceleration response. The rear differential has also been Takumi-tuned for acceleration response.