• Unique exterior design elements for even more aggressive and agile look

• Exclusive F SPORT colour and interior features

• Front performance dampers for even greater handling stability

The F SPORT stands out from the rest of the NX model range through unique styling modifications, exclusive colour schemes and dynamic upgrades.

F SPORT grille and exterior

The mesh grille of Lexus performance models combines with a metallic coated lower bumper moulding to set the NX F SPORT apart. The large spindle aperture is graded from bottom to top to express the outline of the distinctive F SPORT motif. The unique frontal appearance of the NX F SPORT is further accentuated by the use of a sporting black coating on the door mirrors and the signature F SPORT emblem on the front quarter panel beneath the A-pillar.

A Lexus-first sports wheel offers the choice of two wheel colours and tyre sizes. A 225/60/18 10-spoke alloy combines black paint on the lateral edges with a luminous machine-brushed finish. A second 10-spoke wheel and tyre combination is a lower profile 235/55/18 with an exclusive dark metallic finish.

F SPORT-exclusive colour and interior

On board, the meter, steering wheel, gear shift, sport seats, pedals, gear shift, leather pad for passenger instrument panel and Dark Rose interior colour are all exclusive to F SPORT models.

Injection-moulded quilted seats hug the occupant's body to give improved support and lateral holding performance. Perforated non-slip aluminium pedals and a driver's foot brace provide practical assistance to agile diving. And the steering wheel leather is also perforated to provide even greater feel during performance driving.

The wheel carries the F SPORT emblem in its lower quadrant. The brushed metallic gear shift lever and the scuff plate ornamentation beneath the door are also exclusive to F SPORT models.

Performance dampers

The NX F SPORT is exclusively equipped with front and rear suspension performance dampers, enhancing rigidity and decreasing vibration to optimise handling stability.

G-sensor and boost meter

The NX F SPORT features a Lexus-first 'G-Monitor' in its full-colour Multi Information Display (MID).

On the G-Monitor screen, a G-ball moves in accordance with the vehicle's lateral and longitudinal forces. The MID displays the peak force in each direction. Additional display bars also indicate the steering angle, throttle opening angle and hydraulic brake pressure.

In turbocharged NX F SPORT models, the MID provides a Lexus-first turbo-boost meter with the colour band changing in the high boost pressure range. The analogue displays show oil temperature and pressure.