The GS F is the fourth model of the Lexus performance 'F' line-up. True to the nature of all F models, the GS F reinforces the dynamic and emotional character of the Lexus brand.

F stands for Fuji Speedway… the spiritual home of the F products where each model is developed and tested. The F brand debuted its first model, the IS F sedan, in 2008 followed by the LFA in 2009 and the RC F in 2014.

The new performance sedan, GS F, is armed with a potent 477PS 5.0-litre naturally-aspirated V8 and excellent handling that was developed on the most demanding circuits, including the legendary Nürburgring.

Its elegant-yet-aggressive styling direction effectively characterizes the essence of Lexus' performance-oriented F brand. It is highlighted by an aggressive-looking front fascia with race-inspired functional air inlets, low-slung wide stance, large brake calipers, carbon-fibre rear spoiler and quad exhaust rear diffuser. While it's more than capable of taking on a twisty mountain road, the GS F is still a sedan that's ideal for everyday use. It seats five comfortably in a luxuriously-appointed cabin filled with high-tech amenities and advanced safety technologies, including the innovative Lexus Safety System +.

The GS F offers enthusiasts the best of all worlds: It's a car that will provide thrills and excitement on challenging switchbacks, while being able to take you there and back in unprecedented style and comfort. 

"As Lexus' F brand vehicles continue to evolve and grow in number, it is important that these models offer differentiated and unique driving characteristics in their segments. The GS F is a very capable performance sedan that offers excitement behind the wheel in all facets of performance driving. It's something that's fun to drive no matter who is driving or where it's being driven. The sedan embraces the virtues of sound, response and limitless power feel to support Lexus' F brand identity of a performance car.," said Yukihiko Yaguchi, the Emeritus Chief Engineer of GS F.