The new nx - lexus enters the premium mid-size suv segment

  • First Lexus in fast-growing premium mid-size SUV segment
  • Sharply styled, agile crossover paired with Lexus refinement and innovative technology
  • NX 300h with highly efficient 2.5-litre Atkinson cycle hybrid powertrain targeting CO2 emissions below 120g, to be launched in Europe in October 2014
  • NX 200t with a new 2.0-litre petrol turbo engine to be launched in selected European markets in February 2015
  • NX 200 with naturally aspired 2.0-litre petrol engine to be launched in Russia by the end of 2014
  • Available as front and all-wheel drive
  • F SPORT version available on NX 300h and NX 200t

The NX is the Lexus' first entry into the premium mid-size crossover segment. Its edgy, emotional design intends to appeal to new customers who lead urban and active lifestyles.

The NX offers three powertrain variants, including a highly efficient hybrid powertrain in NX 300h, the first use of an all-new Lexus-developed 2.0-liter petrol turbo engine in NX 200t and a naturally aspirated engine in NX 200, all with the choice of front and all-wheel drive.The NX has an array of innovative on-board technologies, including a Wireless Charging Tray which enables portable devices such as mobile phones to be charged, the first application of a new Lexus Remote Touch Interface with a Touch Pad, Panoramic View Monitor, a comprehensive Multi-information Display (including a Lexus-first G sensor and boost meter), a 6.2'' Head-Up Display, Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert, along with a host of other features.The F SPORT version provides more aggressive and bolder design with F SPORT exclusive items, such as spindle grille, front lower bumper, aluminium wheel, black outer mirror, unique interior colour, ornament panel and sport seat. It is also equipped with performance dampers.The chief engineer of the NX, Takeaki Kato, said "The NX is a Premium Crossover combining performance, numerous on-board technologies and packaged with alluring design, making it desirable to customers"."Luxury is epitomised by small but important details." Examples of attention to detail in the NX include courtesy lights, exterior metallic flake for the wheel arches, the feel of the switches and other innovations that will set new standards for future Lexus models."Apart from the luxury touches, the NX was designed to complement daily life while also being capable of supporting an active lifestyle on the weekend."Exterior designSubstantially influenced by the LF-NX concept design, the NX has been designed to provide a feeling of agility not usually associated with an SUV while also being suitable for urban use. It embodies an aggressive form in order to make functionality and performance evident at a glance.The front and rear flares are fused to the diamond-shaped body that starts at the spindle grille. It is sculpted to look nimble with incredible power concentrated inside. The bold flared wheel arches housing 17 or 18-inch wheels provide a crouching, muscular stance. Innovative LED headlamps and daytime running lamps firmly express Lexus' bold design language.The side profile is accentuated by a roofline peak set towards the back of the vehicle to provide ample head-room for rear seat occupants and create a tight silhouette.A sculpted outer mirror and a world-first door handle mechanism (with a hidden key barrel and integrated lighting) add to the premium appearance.The rear is punctuated by Lexus' signature 'L' shape combination lamps, each with seamless LED lighting, while the bodywork echoes the spindle grille design at the front.Interior designThe interior of the NX brings a sense of excitement to the cabin atmosphere. The core idea was to combine the structural beauty of a high-performance vehicle with materials and textures that provide premium feeling and functionality.The centre silver frame is strongly embedded into the instrument panel to symbolise the strength of the crossover. Strongly wrapped knee pads on both sides of the centre frame firmly support the driver and passenger. Advanced HMI (Human Machine Interface) technology provides intuitive interaction and creates an advanced impression. The NX continues Lexus' display and operation zone concept.Interior space played a significant role in the cabin design, and seating was a major focus. The NX offers ample overall head room and wide front to rear couple distance. It has also the best luggage load length in its segment.A quilted pattern in the seats and varied pad thickness are used to express the crossover intention of the vehicle.The tough metallic finish of the dynamic centre silver frame and the materials wrapped around it provide contrasting textures.Three powertrains NX 300h The NX adopts a highly sophisticated HV control unit, especially developed for the NX, combined with proven Lexus 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle- engine, generator, motor and battery. The powertrain delivers a total system output of 145kW (197PS) and CO2 emissions targeted below 120g, corresponding to a fuel consumption below 5.2l.The NX 300h is available with a Front- and All-Wheel Drive system, equipped with one or two electric motors respectively.Special features of the hybrid model include sprung-weight damping control to increase ride comfort and handling stability by reducing pitching on uneven road surfaces.Like every vehicle equipped with the Lexus Hybrid Drive system, the NX 300h will offer customers considerable cost of ownership advantages thanks to a unique combination of low maintenance and running costs, significant tax incentives or benefits in many European countries and high residual values.The Lexus NX 300h will be available for sale in Europe from October 2014.NX 200tThe all-new Lexus 2.0-litre turbo engine is a Lexus-first. It combines excellent fuel economy with enjoyable acceleration and agile driving. It delivers a maximum output of 175kW (238PS) @4,800-5,600rpm with a maximum torque of 350Nm@1,650-4,000rpm. The 2.0-litre turbo engine was tested for more than one million kilometres in various road conditions including harsh environments. It has world-first combination of water-cooled cylinder head integrated exhaust manifold and twin scroll turbo charger.A new 6-speed automatic transmission is adopted to match with the new turbo engine. Thanks to its new torque-demand control logic, the system optimizes the required engine torque at any moment, ensuring quick throttle response and high fuel efficiency.Available with Front- and All-Wheel Drive system, the NX 200t will be on sale in selected European countries as from February 2015.NX 200The Lexus Valvematic system provides high torque through an expanded valve opening angle and VVT operation range in the 2.0-liters naturally aspirated engine.The power plant has a high compression ratio and diagonal fuel injectors, which optimizes fuel mixture to produce strong power through the rev-range. The engine is matched to a newly developed electronically controlled S-CVT/Multi-drive sequential-shift transmission.The NX 200 will be launched in Russia by the end of 2014 with Front- and All-Wheel Drive system.Chassis and suspension The NX has been designed for agile driving, handling stability, turning posture and superior ride comfort, including yaw-rate response to steering input and stability on uneven road surfaces.The foundation for the vehicle's sophisticated suspension is a highly rigid body with extensive underbody reinforcement. The new body has a comprehensive package of reinforcements, additional bulkheads and spot welding, suspension braces, and the use of Lexus body adhesive, laser-screw welding and high-rigidity glass adhesive.Selected NX models have newly developed dampers and Lexus' new-generation linear-solenoid type Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS). Linked to the Drive Mode Select, it is able to change the level of damping force, enhance ride comfort ensuring peace of mind due to reduced roll.SafetyThe NX comes with a comprehensive active package including a Panoramic View Monitor featuring the highest resolution camera to be offered on a Lexus vehicle. In a segment first, the NX also introduces All-speed Adaptive Cruise Control, capable of bringing the NX to a complete stop when the preceding vehicle stands still. Other active safety systems include Lane Departure Alert (LDA), Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, newly adopted cornering lamps and Head-Up Display.Dimensions

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Biography of Mr. Takeaki Kato Chief Engineer of Lexus NX Lexus Product Planning, LEXUS INTERNATIONALTakeaki Kato joined Toyota in 1986. After focusing mainly on instrument panel design for about eight years, he was stationed at Toyota Technical Center USA between 1994 and 1997.After returning to Japan and being involved in the development of instrument panels and seats, Mr. Kato joined departments engaged in the advanced development of restraint devices. There, he pioneered the development of new technologies and products such as knee airbags, pre-cash seatbelts, and twin-chamber airbags.Mr. Kato joined the Product Planning division in 2005. He has been responsible for IS and RX before becoming Chief Engineer for the NX.

Mr. Kato has owned a whole range of vehicles. Additionally, at home he even owns a training cockpit for PlayStation driving simulation games, which gives an indication of how much he loves cars.