Lexus gs 450h — best car for a ceo

  • For the second consecutive year, GS 450h wins the Fleet Awards in Poland
  • GS 450h awarded for its premium comfort coupled with dynamism

This year, for the second consecutive time, the full hybrid Lexus GS 450h proved to be the best choice for a CEO.

For many years, the Fleet Awards Polska has been a performance indicator of the Polish fleet market reflecting fleet managers' satisfaction and trust in fleet vehicles, products and services.

The winning models and services are appointed via internet voting and direct tests. This year a jury consisting of almost 180 fleet managers, journalists and invited guests tested nearly 90 cars and more than 60 services and products. In total, nearly 290,000 votes were cast in all categories which is an absolute record since the awards' creation. Additionally, 2013 sales numbers influenced the evaluation.

The GS 450h is the winner in the category of fleet vehicles for CEO level customers.