Lexus gs 300h — the 2014 residual value champion in germany

• GS 300h inherits the Residual Value Champion crown from GS 450h, the winner in 2013

• Residual value forecast reinforces leadership of Lexus full hybrid system

• Full hybrid delivers leading fuel consumption and residual value performance

The German automobile magazine Auto Bild, has awarded the Lexus GS 300h 'Residual Value Champion' for 2014. The GS 300h takes the crown from the 2013 Champion, the GS 450h.

The GS 300h full hybrid sports sedan benefits from the lowest depreciation value in its class. The result demonstrates that full hybrid technology is not only good for its owner's budget when it comes to fuel consumption, but also in terms of residual value. It offers further evidence of the Lexus full hybrid leadership, which continues to convince more and more customers and further establishes itself as efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional powertrains.

For the 11th consecutive year now, Auto Bild has been assigning residual value experts of Schwacke[1] to determine which vehicles have the lowest absolute and relative depreciation after four years of usage.

The evaluation is based on a yearly mileage of 20,000km and includes the vehicle's price and maintenance costs. Additionally, quality and design influence the residual value forecast.

The GS 300h is the 2nd model with Lexus Hybrid Drive in the GS model range. Launched in December 2013[2], deliveries are now starting across Europe. The full hybrid powertrain of the GS 300h combines an Atkinson cycle L4 petrol engine with an electric motor and develops a total system output of 164 kW (223 hp). The average fuel consumption is 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers, corresponding to only 109g CO2 / km.

[1] German agency specialized in residual value evaluation, known in other European countries as Eurotax

[2] The exact start of sales time differs among European countries.