Mark levinson sound perfection —exclusive to the new lexus is

The new Lexus IS may be equipped with a state-of-the-art Mark Levinson Premium Surround System, offering one of the finest in-car audio experiences available today.

Mark Levinson has worked in exclusive collaboration with Lexus for the last 12 years. This relationship was born because Mark Levinson engineers recognised that, only the uniquely quiet characteristics of a Lexus cabin could provide an appropriate backdrop to the astonishing levels of accuracy, clarity and realism essential to any Mark Levinson system.

With no formal contract ever having been signed, the relationship remains driven solely by a mutual desire for excellence.

The size, shape and lack of consistent surfaces within a car's cabin pose enormous problems for the successful creation of high end audio. But a Mark Levinson sound system is not added to a Lexus, it is built-in as part of the vehicle design. Engineering a system for the specific acoustic qualities of any individual Lexus is a collaborative process that can take up to 20,000 hours.

Hence, the cabin's shape, materials and placing of the audio components are all optimised during the vehicle design process, ensuring that every loudspeaker is configured precisely to the car, creating multiple sweet spots to cater for multiple occupancy (not merely the driver) and perfect surround sound.

This uncompromising approach to high fidelity automotive audio systems is combined with cutting-edge technologies and highest quality components.

4 years in development, the Mark Levinson Premium Surround System creates sound based on the concepts of Effortless Dynamics and Effortless Transient Response, which combine natural dynamics with high response and tracking performance to deliver sound quality equivalent to that of a live, concert hall performance.

Using the same technologies as those found in top-end home audio systems, it features a 12 channel fully digital Class-D amplifier generating a total of 835 Watts through 15 GreenEdge high-efficiency loudspeakers. A Lexus first, a new Auto Volume system automatically adjusts system volume for each song being played to ensure consistent volume levels and full audibility for even the quietest passages of music.

Developing twice the volume for the same power consumption, GreenEdge power-saving technology has been incorporated into each of the 15 speakers. GreenEdge technology covers a wider frequency band than conventional systems, giving an enhanced dynamic range.

The new Mark Levinson system features three, newly-developed, 90 mm GreenEdge speakers mounted at the front of the cabin, with Unity technology which integrates mid- and high-range units within the same structure. To the rear, two further 90 mm GreenEdge units feature new, Wide Dispersion technology, with built-in acoustic lenses to disperse the sound more evenly throughout the cabin. In combination, these 5 speakers give consistent timbre for both front and rear seat occupants, resulting in a whole new level of surround sound, definition, atmosphere and quality.

A new, 200 mm GreenEdge subwoofer features the latest Inverted Motor Structure technology, in which the magnetic circuit is mounted in an inverted position, significantly reducing the depth of the unit with no loss of power or acoustic performance, while offering significant space savings in system packaging.

About Lexus

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