Lexus a-pcs leading in adac active pedestrian protection test

Lexus Advanced Pre-Crash Safety (A-PCS) system can help save pedestrian lives, as was proven by the recent ADAC Active Pedestrian Protection test.

The system was especially awarded for its Advanced Obstacle Detection, its Pre-Crash Brake Assist and its Night View systems.

The test showed that the Lexus A-PCS can avoid a collision with a pedestrian through early detection and autonomous braking from a speed of up to 50km/h.

Lexus Advanced Pre-Crash Safety (A-PCS) in Detail 

Safety is of fundamental importance to Lexus. Therefore the brand has consistently offered an array of sophisticated, integrated, active and passive safety technologies.

The 2012 upgraded Advanced Pre-Crash Safety (A-PCS) System with collision avoidance assist is one of the most advanced pre-collision active safety systems in the industry. It is designed to assist the driver in avoiding or mitigating collisions with vehicles and pedestrians under a wide range of city and highway speeds, by day or night.

A fundamental part of the A-PCS is the Advanced Obstacle Detection which combines information identified by millimetre wave radar, near infrared projectors and a stereo camera to help detect a wide range of obstacles, with great precision. This allows to detect both moving and stationary pedestrians, by day or night.

Having identified an obstacle in front of the vehicle, A-PCS is designed to assess the likelihood of a collision based on the position, speed and trajectory of the object. If the system anticipates a high probability of collision, it activates a warning buzzer and a red 'BRAKE' alert on the Multi-Function Display in front of the driver.

Simultaneously, the new A-PCS will automatically activate several integrated safety systems:

  1. Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS) Emergency Steering Assist -to help improve the vehicle's response to the driver's steering input,
  2. Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) —to stiffen the dampers, both to assist in controlling front end "nose dive" when Pre-Crash braking is engaged to help increase the responsiveness of the vehicle to evasion steering inputs,
  3. Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) system -to increase vehicle stability during an evasive manoeuvre,
  4. Pre-Crash Brake Assist system (PBA) —to increase emergency braking force when the driver presses the brake pedal.

If the system determines that a collision is unavoidable and the driver does not take any corrective action, it brakes automatically. Depending on the relative speed it can bring the car to a full stop to help avoid a collision.

This system is intended to assist drivers, but it is the driver's responsibility to be aware of the vehicle's surroundings. The system cannot prevent all collisions and its performance is dependent upon road, weather, and vehicle conditions.

Lexus Night View 

The Lexus Night View combines a near infra-red camera and projectors with a Night View ECU to display an image of the road ahead on the vehicle's display screen.

With the camera constantly in operation and the near infra-red projectors activating at speeds over 15 km/h to enhance system efficiency, Lexus Night View will display an area equal to the one of a high beam.

About Lexus 
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