Final lexus lfa delivery in europe

• 40 out of the 500 produced LFA delivered to clients in Europe, including 4 LFA Nürburgring Package

• Germany was the largest market in Europe (15 units), followed by Switzerland (6), UK (5), the Netherlands (4) and France (3)


Today, Lexus Europe delivered its last LFA to a European customer, marking the end of commercialisation of the supercar produced at the rate of 1 car per day between 15 December 2010 and 14 December 2012.

The proud owner of LFA #493 is Mr Nicolas Schilling, a long-time friend of Japan, exporter of French and Italian wines to Lexus' homeland and opened one of the first gastronomic Japanese restaurants in Switzerland. "I was first impressed by the design of the LFA, but it's when I heard the sound of the engine of this breath-taking machine that I knew it was my dream car!", Mr Schilling commented. "To me, the LFA stands for far-reaching innovative technology, absolute passion and determination, all dressed-up in pure elegance. It's a world-class vehicle!"

In total, 40 LFA have been sold in Europe, including 4 LFA Nürburgring Package. The first delivery took place in February 2011. A European customer was the only client in the world to purchase 3 LFA, and two others ordered a second unit after having received their first delivery.

White was the most popular LFA colour in Europe (7 Whitest White and 7 Pearl White units sold), followed by Black (5 units) and Pearl Red (4). Jeremy Clarkson's favourite colour, Pearl Blue, was chosen by 2 customers — while 2 others opted for the Pearl Yellow colour featured in the Top Gear US road trip broadcasted on Feb 3 by the BBC.