Advanced quadrotor technology helps lexus 'amazing in motion' campaign take flight

• Second commercial for Lexus 'Amazing in Motion' global advertising campaign

• Advanced quadrotor technology created in collaboration with KMel Robotics

• View 'Swarm' commercial at: http://www.amazinginmotion.eu

• Three additional films 'Crafting Motion', 'Coding Motion' and 'Living Motion' tell the behind-the-scenes story of the quadrotor swarm

Combining cutting-edge technology with outstanding creativity and innovation, 'Swarm' is the second commercial to be produced under the banner of Lexus' global advertising campaign, 'Amazing in Motion'.

The new Lexus commercial takes advanced, remote-controlled quadrotor helicopter technology out of its typical engineering environment and into real world locations. Set in the city late at night, the result is a playful and engaging story of swarms of quadrotors exploring urban locations and interacting with everyday objects.

Created in collaboration with KMel Robotics, and filmed in Vancouver by award-winning London director Sam Brown, the new 'Swarm' commercial can be viewed at http://www.amazinginmotion.eu.

Taking design cues from Lexus vehicles, including the company's iconic spindle grille, LED headlights and LFA exhausts, the unique 'Swarm' quadrotors were inspired by Lexus' own painstaking design and engineering principles.

From first sketch to advanced CAD modelling, they were conceived and constructed to combine the very highest levels of precision, high-tech circuitry and aerodynamic efficiency with a warmth and personality unique to quadrotor technology.

The technology was developed by KMel Robotics and uses innovative motion capture camera technology, advanced movement algorithms and bespoke, 3D motion mapping software to programme the movement paths of each quadrotor.

Each machine is equipped with reflective markers that respond to infrared light emitted by the cameras. This allows the quadrotor to update information on its own location and intended flight path over 100 times per second, in order to achieve the precision and synchronisation realised in the stunningly complex flight patterns created in the film.

Lexus commissioned award-winning British composer Jonathan Goldstein to create a cartoon-inspired original soundtrack for the commercial, reinforcing the playful exuberance of the carefully choreographed quadrotor swarms.

Lexus 'Amazing in Motion' projects focus on combining advanced technology and design with imagination and creativity to conjure incredible spectacles that charm and delight. Three additional films; 'Crafting Motion', 'Coding Motion' and 'Living Motion' tell the behind-the-scenes story of the quadrotor swarm and the creative minds behind the captivating new commercial.

The three films can be viewed on YouTube at: http://youtu.be/XVqnpOmWjlo , http://youtu.be/15qZ8PtSRms and http://youtu.be/MVeyAJ5YqHY .

Launched on May 1st 2013, 'Steps' was the first TV commercial to be created under the banner of the Lexus global advertising campaign, 'Amazing in Motion'. It featured two spectacular, larger-than-life figures that incorporate numerous materials found in Lexus cars, including bamboo and walnut interior finishes and exterior paint. The figures were brought to life through a combination of superb craftsmanship, advanced 3-D printing technology and the smooth artistry of skilled puppeteers.

About KMel RoboticsThe company was founded in late 2011 by Alex Kushleyev and Daniel Mellinger, graduates of the University of Pennsylvania. It specialises in hardware design and high-performance control, focusing on developing high-end research platforms that push the limits of experimental robotics. KMel Robotics develops everything from low-level hardware to complete systems capable of autonomous operation. The company works closely with various institutions (including universities) and supports their research work and other applications.

About Sam Brown Sam Brown is one of London's leading and most versatile directors. Alongside his ads for Virgin, BBC Radio 1 and Samsung, his iconic promos for Foo Fighters, Doves, Elbow and Jay Z have marked him out as a unique talent. Sam's innovative work encompasses an unusually broad range of styles and genres, and continues to notch up an increasing number of industry accolades including a D&AD pencil for best direction and Gold's at BTAA, Cannes, Creative Circle & London International. Q Magazine called his Grammy & double MTV Award winning promo for Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep', '2011's most watched and liked pop video in the UK' with over 265m hits on YouTube.About LexusLaunched in 1989, Lexus has become renowned throughout the world for its pursuit of perfection, the outstanding quality and sophisticated high-technology content of its products, and for its unique concept of complete customer service. Further reinforcing the traditional Lexus values of unparalleled build quality, comfort and interior luxury, Lexus is currently rejuvenating its line-up, launching a new wave of emotional and inspirational products featuring bolder product execution, superior driving dynamics and state-of-the-art technologies. Today, Lexus remains the first - and only - premium automotive manufacturer to offer a comprehensive full-hybrid model range comprising the RX 450h, the GS 450h, the LS 600h, the ES 300h, CT 200h and the all-new IS 300h.
Full product details can be found on the Lexus Europe newsroom on http://newsroom.lexus.eu