Lexus global hybrid sales exceed 500,000 milestone

  • Lexus has sold over 506,000 hybrid vehicles worldwide since 2005
  • RX 400h/450h global best seller among Lexus hybrid vehicles (259,000 units), followed by CT 200h (122,000 units)
  • Lexus hybrid sales in Europe already at 126,000 units, representing about 25% of global hybrid sales

Since the launch of the first Lexus hybrid model in 2005 until the end of November 2012, Lexus has sold globally over 506,000 vehicles equipped with Lexus Hybrid Drive. Sales have steadily grown over the years, supported by line-up expansion and positive market response, going from 26,000 units in 2005 to already 113,000 this year (Jan-Nov 2012; +21% vs. Jan-Nov 2011). Today, hybrid vehicles represent about 25% of total Lexus sales.

Europe is a strong market for Lexus hybrid vehicles with 126,000 units sold so far, which is about 25% of Lexus global hybrid sales. In Western Europe, hybrid vehicles already account for more than 85% of sales.

Intelligently combining a petrol engine with one or two electric motors, Lexus' full hybrid vehicles provide an enjoyable and exciting driving experience as well as reduced emissions and excellent fuel economy.

Launched in 2005, the RX 400h was the first production full hybrid premium SUV. Succeeded by the RX 450h in 2009, the RX represents the largest share of Lexus hybrid sales, with 259,000 units sold globally from 2005 till November 2012.

Lexus' second hybrid model, the GS 450h, was introduced in 2006 as the world's first production premium vehicle equipped with a rear-wheel drive full hybrid powertrain. Global cumulative sales now amount to 32,000 units, with a significant boost recorded this year following the introduction of the new generation GS 450h in the spring (8,000 units sold in Jan-Nov 2012).

The third Lexus hybrid model, the LS 600h, was brought to market in 2007. The LS 600h was the first production vehicle featuring a V8-powered full hybrid powertrain — and still is the most powerful full hybrid vehicle on the road today. Up to November 2012, Lexus sold about 29,000 LS 600h and LS 600h L globally. A renewed version of the LS has been launched this autumn.

In 2009, Lexus introduced its first hybrid-only model, the HS 250h, in Japan and North America. Cumulative sales of the HS 250h are now close to 56,000 units.

Lexus' fifth hybrid model, the CT 200h, was launched at the very end of 2011, and quickly became a major contributor to Lexus sales globally. Total cumulative sales of CT 200h already amount at 122,000 units.

The latest expansion of the Lexus hybrid range, the ES 300h, was introduced in 2012 in selected markets (mainly North America, Russia, China and other selected Asian markets), with year-to-date sales surpassing 8,000 units.

Reference — Lexus hybrid cumulative sales as of end of November 2012

Model Introduced Cumulative total
RX 400h/450h 2005/2009 259,000
GS 450h 2006 32,000
LS 600h 2007 29,000
HS 250h 2009 56,000
CT 200h 2011 122,0000
ES 300h 2012 8,000
Total   506,000

High resolution pictures of Lexus hybrid vehicles can be found on http://newsroom.lexus.eu