Geneva 2011: lexus business update

• Lexus sales in Europe increased by 13% in 2010

• CT 200h will increase Lexus sales by a further 60% in 2011

• Lead and order levels for CT 200h higher than expected2010 has been a positive year for Lexus, with European

sales increasing by 13% versus the previous year. This increase was above expectations and can be attributed to two key factors:

Firstly, in expanding markets, such as Russia, where our market share has grown from over 7% to over 10% in 2010. Secondly, Lexus full hybrid sales rose by 7% over 2009. Full hybrid vehicles now account for over 60% of all Lexus sales in Western Europe; the RX 450h representing over 70% of total RX sales, and the GS 450h and LS 600h represented over 50% of total GS and LS sales respectively.

The CT 200h is Lexus' fourth full hybrid vehicle in Europe, and will play an important role in the company's plans for sales expansion. Competing at the heart of Europe's premium car market, the new CT will be responsible for a projected increase in total Lexus sales of over 60% in 2011.

Overall lead levels for CT 200h are over 60% higher than anticipated across Europe and orders are running at 50% above plan (including over 70% higher in Germany and UK).

The CT 200h is Lexus' first five-door full hybrid compact car, and the only full hybrid in the premium compact segment. Representing a new gateway to Lexus, the CT 200h introduces the company's unique synthesis of quality, sophistication and advanced technology to a younger group of customers for the first time.

Priced to compete at the heart of the segment, the CT 200h offers customers class-leading running and ownership costs thanks to its unique combination of low emissions-linked taxation advantages, outstanding fuel efficiency, low service, maintenance and repair costs and strong residual values.