2010 lexus geneva motors show: lexus at geneva motor show 2010 abridged

CT 200h

Entering production at the end of 2010 for sale throughout the world, the CT 200h is Lexus' first ever compact, five-door car. It marks the introduction of the first, and only, full hybrid vehicle to the European premium compact segment.

Retaining strong visual links to the LF-Ch concept, the CT 200h has a highly distinctive, sharp-edged, resolute appearance which immediately sets it apart from rivals. Its interior brings unprecedented levels of quality, refinement and progressive luxury to the segment.

Combining a 1.8 litre VVT-i petrol engine and a powerful electric motor, the CT 200h's Lexus Hybrid Drive powertrain combines 2.0 litre performance with class leading CO2 emissions. It offers customers a choice of two distinct driving moods -Dynamic, or Relaxing- in conjunction with four, selectable drive modes.

Featuring a new platform with unique double wishbone suspension architecture to the rear, the Lexus CT 200h has been specifically developed to combine superior driving involvement and handling agility with the ride comfort expected of any Lexus.

Created for those who wish to lower their emissions but not their standards, the CT 200h is new gateway to Lexus, and will bring a younger group of customers to the brand.


LFA Sales

Since its debut at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, global demand for Lexus' thoroughbred LFA supercar has remained consistently strong, and the level of demand is now in excess of the announced 500 unit production run.

However, Lexus has not yet confirmed any orders, and prospective customers who have not yet registered their interest should not be deterred.

The deadline for receiving initial expressions of interest is set at mid-March, to coincide with the end of the Geneva Motor Show. Thereafter, the process of allocating the 500 units across the 56 countries wherein the LFA is being offered will begin.

Final allocation will be fixed in April, and individual orders confirmed with customers by the end of May.

Customer Information

Encapsulating a broad spectrum of customer profiles from business people to drivers of competition sports cars, some 75-80% of requests for further information or expressions of interest have come from non-Lexus customers.

The remaining 20-25% are Lexus owners already familiar with the unparalleled levels of quality, refinement and technological sophistication which hallmark the brand.

A high percentage of requests have come from customers who have closely followed the different stages of concept car development since the LFA project was started in 2000, and who appreciate its unique, eye-catching design.

A complete information on the LFA including all technical specifications can be found on the USB stick enclosed to this presskit.

RX 450h FWD

Boasting class-leading CO2 emissions of just 140 g/km, a new, front-wheel drive version of Lexus' full hybrid crossover, the RX 450h FWD, is now on sale in selected European markets.

The RX 450h is the high-performance flagship of the RX range, the third generation of which remains the world's best-selling SUV. Combining smooth, powerful performance with class-leading CO2, NOx and particulate emissions, the benefits of second generation Lexus Hybrid Drive continue to attract new customers to the brand.

Sales of the RX 450h have been higher than expected, and its segment share has grown significantly in major European markets. This trend is expected to continue, and will be boosted by the arrival of the RX 450h FWD.

The new, front-wheel drive Lexus SUV shares the RX 450h AWD's full hybrid drive powertrain componentry and 220 kW/299 bhp maximum power output, but has no rear transaxle or rear electric motor, effecting a weight saving of some 65 kg. It returns class-leading CO2 and NOx emissions of 140 g/km and 13 mg/km respectively.

Positioned at the heart of the fleet market and on the significant, 140 g/km European taxation threshold, the new, front-wheel drive Lexus full hybrid crossover reinforces the RX 450h's position as the cleanest and most efficient premium SUV in its class.