Introduction to Lexus

Lexus was founded in 1989 with a mission to build cars that would rival the best in the world. Although a relatively young brand, it has established a global reputation for excellence, not just in the quality of the vehicles it builds, but also in the way it looks after its customers, redefining industry standards of service.

In a constant spirit of challenge and pursuit of perfection, Lexus has always aimed to anticipate customer needs. Today Lexus has a proud record of technical and design innovation. It has pioneered and popularised the use of environmentally efficient full hybrid technology in the luxury car market – hereby reconciling two seemingly opposite worlds – and has developed a distinctive and critically acclaimed approach to vehicle styling with the evolution of its L-finesse design principles.

Its range of models has steadily increased, taking it into new and vibrant areas of the market, giving more customers than ever the chance to experience Lexus quality and performance.

Lexus wants to be perceived as a luxury brand even beyond the automotive world. The spirit of Lexus extends beyond the vehicles themselves to inspire creativity and innovation in others through programmes such as the annual international Lexus Design Award and Lexus Short Films series, giving valuable exposure and support to young, up-and-coming practitioners, and through inspirational brand campaigns that capture the imagination, particularly of younger generations.

Lexus is a true innovator, but at the same time it values important traditions that are at the heart of its business. Omotenashi – the Japanese spirit of hospitality – informs the way Lexus puts the customer at the heart of what it does, while the precision skills of the Takumi master craftspeople are paramount in achieving the highest quality standards on every Lexus vehicle that comes off the production line.


  • Founding of the Lexus brand: 1989
  • Global sales in 2016: 677,628 vehicles (+4% vs. 2015 and a new absolute record for the brand)
  • European sales in 2016: 74,316 units (+17% vs. 2015 and a new absolute record for the brand), of which 60% were hybrids.
  • Global cumulative sales, 1989 – 2016: 8,565,627 units, including 1,110,396 hybrids
  • European cumulative sales, 1990 – 2016: 717,790 units, including 269,964 hybrids.



  • Brave and emotional design: successive new models demonstrate how Lexus is taking a design direction that is more daring, distinctive and eye-catching.
  • Engaging driving experience: Lexus is engineering its cars to deliver sportier, more rewarding performance, but without compromising the comfort that has always been a part of the Lexus experience.
  • A wider, rejuvenated model range: every model in the Lexus range has been updated in the past few years. At the same time, new models have been introduced that are taking the brand into new segments of the premium market. Its models have also been made accessible and appealing to even greater numbers of customers, for example by adding a new F SPORT grade providing bespoke styling and equipment features for an even more engaging experience.
  • Hybrid technology leadership: Lexus is by far the largest manufacturer of premium hybrid vehicles globally – and in Europe. Since introducing hybrid power to the luxury car market with the RX 400h SUV in 2005, Lexus has continually increased the choice of hybrid models available to customers. Today, almost every model in the Lexus range is available with a hybrid powertrain. There are 10 to choose from, including SUVs, crossovers, sports sedans, coupes and a limousine. Next year the number will grow to include the radical LC 500h, a flagship coupe that also introduces Lexus’s Multi Stage Hybrid System, its most advanced hybrid yet. With more than one million hybrid Lexus models having been sold around the world, the technology has become an increasingly popular choice with customers seeking fuel and emissions efficiency from their vehicle, combined with lasting quality, reliability, refinement and an engaging driving experience.
  • A company that cares about the environment: Lexus’s pioneering approach to hybrid power is indicative of the importance its places on the environment. Currently two in every three Lexus sold in Europe are hybrids; in Western Europe the number is nine in every 10. Going beyond the achievements of the petrol-electric hybrids, Lexus engineers are now working on performance hydrogen fuel cell technology that can deliver zero-emissions performance. The Lexus LF-FC fuel cell concept car revealed in 2015 is an early pointer towards a production model scheduled for market launch in 2020.
  • Innovative and intelligent technologies: continuously anticipating on customer needs, Lexus has a distinguished record of applying new, advanced technologies. These range from the Lexus Safety System + suite of active safety systems to prestige Mark Levinson audio systems that are designed specifically for each Lexus model.
  • Finest quality: Lexus is famous for its peerless attention to detail when it comes to securing the highest quality in its cars, witnessed in every aspect of its vehicles – design, assembly, technology, comfort, performance, handling, equipment and finish. Day after day, vehicle after vehicle, this industry-leading quality level is protected by the Lexus takumi workers, specially trained elite craftspeople with more than 25 years of experience in their respective skills.
  • Award-winning customer experience and satisfaction: Omotenashi – the finest traditions of Japanese hospitality – define the way in which Lexus puts the customer at the heart of everything it does, meeting and anticipating their needs and treating them with the courtesy and attention that would be shown to a guest in the home. This approach has helped it establish an industry-leading reputation for customer satisfaction, acknowledged by many international awards.
  • Vibrant, youthful brand activities and campaigns: Lexus is creating inspirational campaigns with a strong appeal for younger, more active audiences. Recently these have included its ground-breaking project to produce a fully functioning hoverboard, as well as collaborations with international celebrities and Jude Law.
  • Encouraging creativity: In line with its vision of design being a major contributor to a better society, Lexus’ commitment to design extends to encouraging and supporting others to explore creative innovation, notably through its regular presence at Milan Design Week and the annual Lexus Design Award and Lexus Short Films series.
  • An integrated vision for the future: Lexus is always thinking ahead and its future success will build on its achievements, combined with the further development of emotional designs, engaging driving experiences, innovative brand and product campaigns and a continuing commitment to the environment.